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# 1 dV8Gaming Fleet Recruitment
01-29-2010, 12:52 PM
Greetings fellow explorer's and soldiers alike,

dV8Gaming are making the final preparations to enter Star Trek Online at maximum warp.
Established on the MSN Gaming Zone in 1997, dV8Gaming has grown rapidly over the years forming friends across many great distances.

We're looking for a few good pilots keen in the PVP orientated side of this universe. Keep in mind, We will also be attending scheduled raids when available. We're a faction of the Federation but do not like to limit ourselves for long.

DV8Gaming is an online International Gaming Community. Sponsored, Funded and proud of what We do. We're primarily based in the Oceanic region. However are not limited too.

Why dV8Gaming?
•Over 1000 members world-wide across our gaming networks.
•Vent Voice Servers.
•Alternative Gaming Servers.
•Competitions with great prizes.
•Exclusive membership access for the latest information on new games and patches.
•Fun, Safe and friendly gaming environment for all ages and genders.
•One of the worlds longest lasting gaming communities.

We have divisions for many different titles, Including sub-divisions for our professional gamers for hard-core competition.

For more information regarding us. Please hail us at

For further information please use the following:

Forums - Http://

Recruitment -

We hope to hear from you soon! See you out there!

dV8Gaming STO will be formed on headstart for those whom pre-ordered deluxe edition. Those whom ordered standard edition will be invited the moment they log on.
Kind Regards,

Online Gaming Since 1997

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