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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Yep. But if his logs say its tetryon hits killing him, then its probably the Tholians and he may not even realize it. After all, the 'second edition' version of CE, the Tholians were just the regular mobs and could be pretty much ignored and wiped out almost as a byproduct of FAW/CSV use while you focus on the CE. Take that same approach now with the buffed Tholians, paying them no mind, and their response can be a rude surprise. Its an easy thing to overlook in that swirling melee of a mission after all, just assuming it was the CE's blasting away or some Large Shard hits that killed you, when actually it was a couple of Recluses that everyone was ignoring.
Possible. It may be that the Tetryon assumption was based on the color of the beam, which is not the red color of player antiproton weapons.

Just noticed on the wiki that those large fragments do physical damage to the hull. Not energy. Not kinetic. Physical. The only weapon in the game to do physical damage in space.
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10-17-2013, 11:49 PM
Wiki isnt always right
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Originally Posted by roxbad View Post
Leading the large shards far enough away to keep the small shards from making it back helps, too.
I had a session today that got to a functionally un-winnable point because everybody started going after the shards, getting hit, and not taking all of the small shards down. The CE got up to a re-crystalize stack to ~236 or so and was one-shotting people left and right.
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if all you people wouldn't have been talking so much trash about how useless a sci is and nagging sci toons about lower than tac DPS in STFs then maybe there would be more around to subnuc that snowflake for you
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10-18-2013, 12:04 AM
Aceton Beam, TR, Energy Siphon, CPB are your friends.

But actually, when I PUG, I just focus on self-survival and let all the pugs die to the CCE's energy blasts, allowing me to claim top spot in healing and dps... ^^;
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Originally Posted by johnsteward View Post
Wiki isnt always right
Point taken.
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Believe it or not, CCE requires the player to do more than just sit there and pew pew without a care in the world. Watch out for large shards hitting you, don't be that guy who gives the entity huge buff stacks, and don't fire energy during the absorption phase.
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No, it wasn't tholians and it wasn't an assumption. Want to know how I know it was tetryon? Because I got an accolade for taking 500,000 tetryon damage after a massive blast took me down to 20% hull. No other ships. In most cases all extra craft are cleaned up before focusing on the CE itself.

Since almost ALL of those blasts are going directly through shields I'm surprised it's taken this long to accumulate 500,000 tetryon damage.

Note this BS instant through-the-shields attack only ever starts after the CE drops below 33%. It's the special attack, NOT the normal attack. It's the fire-at-will type attack that rapidly kills you no matter what kind of resistances you have up. It's possible the normal attack is antiproton or whatever. I don't know, since shields function normally with those. The special attack would appear to be tetryon, from the very game's comments itself.
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It is antiproton damage.

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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Is it possible the CE is placated with antimatter spread or something and someone hits the thing with a superbuffed Nukara refracting attack? The chain damage will hit allies of the attacker in that case I think.
There is a warning about that in the power description.

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