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Originally Posted by rahmkota19 View Post
OOC: I'd say us warping out at Ganalda, the Klingon Shipyard, would proove more logical, due to this quote of me

Lets drop out of warp at Ganalda, and then, depending on how the story progresses, continue to the Vault.

Also, don't forget to give a brief OOC explanation of the situation in the new OP. Linking them to this thread is kinda annoying for everyone to read up all that we have written here.
OCC: Too late, i had other forces join us en route. I left the force small, so that other may join us. buti have written in, many opening for the story to go many different places. link above.

i also didnt want to write for T'rela, so what forces she has hidden is up to you. As it stands now, the only ships she has are those that she already had with her. While T'rell has taken lead, i am sure she, being an admiral, will take command of the defending forces already there.

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