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First off, Many items need increased stack limits. Among these include shields, hypos, weapons batteries. Limiting them to 20 is nonsense. If you have 20 on yourself and 20 in your inventory, on your power tray it will show 40 available.

From a gameplay perspective, they are time gated and cannot be used indefinitely. This means it doesn't matter from a gameplay perspective how large you can stack them.

However, these items are now also valuable commodities (especially with the rep system). They can be bought with a slider that goes to 100 items, except large power capacitors (which MUST have that implemented soon, dadgummit), but when you BUY 100 of them they stack in 20s. For an item you need 45 or 90 of at a time, that means it takes up a super freakin' huge chunk of your inventory.

They need to be stackable to 250, like any other commodity.

Then there's the order they're removed from your inventory when submitting them to a project.... THIS MUST CHANGE!

Currently it always takes them from YOU, your person, first. THEN it takes them from your bank inventory. THEN it takes them from your personal inventory. This is bass ackwards.

First of all I buy 45 hypo, power cell, and shield gens, then 90 major regens to run my daily rep. I submit the rep projects and then what? Well now I have to go to my profile screen because my larlge hypos and large shields were sucked out of my devices slots FIRST. I have to then take the items in my inventory and put them in my device slots. Then I have to go back to my power tray, unlock it, scroll down to find hypo and shields and re-slot them into my power tray, then lock my power tray. Then I have to run all the way back to a bank and put my personal reserve of major regens back into the bank where it belongs -- because the project sucked them from my bank before it went to my inventory.

It's a total clusterfrak.

How to fix this bass ackwards system:

1) Increase stacks to 250 for all items -- this includes deuterium canisters. They're time gated. Limited the stack is moronic. It won't affect gameplay, but it WILL make the game easier to manage out of combat.

2) Fix the buy slider for large power capacitors. It's stuck at 20.

3) TAKE FROM PERSONAL INVENTORY FIRST AND FORMOST WHEN DONATING TO PROJECTS. Then, and ONLY THEN, move to supplies in your bank inventory. And then? STOP. NEVER remove items from your personal device slots. EVER. EVER. EVER. I notice it doesn't take the same items from my boffs. It shouldn't take mine. If I slot a device it is NOT to be counted as a commodity to be donated. It's removed from the pool. It is secluded, earmarked, whatever you want to call it.

If it's on my character, NEVER remove it. You don't have that permission. Stay out of my personal space, you freaking pickpocket grind system. If I know my rep deadline is coming up and I want to get the supplies ready ahead of time (so I can still play the game and do stuff away from NPC salespeople) it takes up 14 freaking bank slots for 4 commodities which should stack and ONLY require 4 slots. Since they cap at 20 that means you get 20, 20, 5 for the three items, and you get 5 freaking slots taken up by regens (20, 20, 20, 20, and 10).

Cryptic, YOU are the one that turned these everyday items into grind commodities. YOU need to take the responsibility of ensuring we can actually handle and manage them LIKE commodities.

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# 2 Good Idea
10-28-2013, 03:32 PM
Yeah - I have run into a ground STF many times and realized I had no hypos, other devices on my character - because they were donated to the Reputation Track. It annoyed me AND I am sure the poor STF Team as well. Fortunately, I could grab some items from my BOFFs and not be a drag on the whole team running the STF.

By the way, where can we trade in Birds from the Summer Event? I assumed (incorrectly) that we could at the same console where we can still turn in Eppohs from the Winter Event.

Will this be added into the game?

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