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# 1 Good Time Playing
01-29-2010, 02:00 PM
Just for those of you who have not played many MMO's. This is not launch day! Even if it were launch day this is not a bad launch at all. Heck I have been playing for a little bit and no lag at all and the game looks good. I will probably sack it for the day and come play tomorrow but this is great. If you say this is the worst launch ever try some SOE games or if you think this is a bad game go check out **** or WAR. This game looks good and if I can go level my toon, go where I want in space, and have some features other games do not have I will be completely content. But I have been playing LOTRO after I got bored with WOW and 6 80's and 4 years with SWG and multiple characters through EQ and now I own every MMO on the market at the moment this game is looking not bad we will see in 6 months when you truly can judge the game. You cannot judge a game on its first day of headstart I LOLD at that. Believe me with all the others on the market this is really not a bad game at all although KOTOR MMO will probably beat all but we will see 6 months after its launch.

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