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Hi falks.

I can reproduce this bug easily. Just start the game (tutorial) and speak to a NPC (with, maybe, voiceover) and my sound gets killed. Entirely. Meaning that i cant hear TS3 or any music that was runing in the background.

Runing only STO gives the same problem. I did not have that big problems in the OB. Sometimes the sound crashed (which i could not reproduce) but after a while it was stable.

I am runing an Audigy2 (with latest drivers).

After the sound gets killed i need to restart every application i was runing to have their sound work again.

I don't think the problem is on my end. I hope Cryptic will find a patch for this.

Without sound STO isn't fun at all, so i'll take a break until this issue is solved.

Have a nice day guys.

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