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# 1 Looking for fleet
11-13-2010, 06:19 AM
I am LT. CMD. Tactical

I have a Danube Runabout and a light escort.

I prefer co-op game play and RP.

Please reply.

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# 2
11-16-2010, 09:47 AM
Greetings AdmiralMoon,

we are a medium sized fleet, have our own website, ventrilio and forum, there you will find more information:

We have several departments, each focus on a specific aspect of the game, like RP,PvE or PvP. In game we run regular scheduled missions for all to participate.

We are currently recruiting, so just give us a hail You can apply for a membership directly at our website/forum or you can contact me in-game 'Mary L. Drake@FrancisDrake'.

Clear Skies!

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# 3
11-16-2010, 10:23 AM
If your looking for a Fun Laid Back Group that Rps check out The Trust.

Our website is:
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# 4
11-16-2010, 10:23 AM
Hello! The Hyperion Armada is still recruiting:

We have:
  • TeamSpeak and Ventrilo voice servers
  • Active members
  • Active fleet forum
  • Full fleet bank
  • Weekly activities
  • Weekly podcast
  • Supportive officers
  • PvP and PvE training/help/teaming
  • Friendly people
  • Good laughs
  • . . . and cookies!

PM for an invite today!! Or if you like you can try us out.
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# 5
11-27-2010, 04:54 PM
come join sector 47 fleet were casual and loose on ranks and rules come join
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# 6
11-29-2010, 05:53 AM
If you are looking for an RP fleet then may I suggest you visit our website?

We are the Alpha Centauri Institute. We are a highly cooperative, RP dedicated fleet. We are very casual in our chatter and attitude toward the game. Members are always willing to help out on missions but our real reason for being in game is to hang out with each other and enjoy RP.

We run FAs and STFs through our Guard Division, have regular 'episodes' centered around game features and written by our members, and maintain an active Forum and a Wiki where you can develop your character.

Check us out and apply to the ACI!
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# 7
11-29-2010, 01:37 PM
mportant info
Main site:

The 12th Fleet
Times are hard for the Federation; enemies from the outside attack us not just physically but psychologically, attacking our way of life, our ideals. The attacks are also from within, members of the Federation itself have begun to question our way. It is at times like this that Star Fleet has always been at its best and now more than ever it needs good officers.

The 12th Fleet has a long and proud tradition of upholding Star Fleet and Federation ideals. Our officers exist to help others and to protect the Federation way of life. If you want to do more to stem the tide, want to be part of the future, then 12th Fleet has openings for new officers like you. It does not matter if your expertise is Engineering, Research, Exploration or Medical the 12th Fleet has a spot for you.

Real Life

Lets face it, we all love our gaming but there comes a time when real life has to take precedent. The 12th Fleet understands this and stands with our members in and out of the game. We offer a mature environment that is safe for the family and young kids to enjoy. Voice communications are provided for all members so it is easy to get to know the people behind the keyboards. Friendships and comradery are our primary focus even above game play. Our members have an open play participation policy so that real life comes first. Game when life lets you and know we will be here waiting. If nothing else you can pop into the forums or our voice chat, and have a good natter.


The 12th fleet was set up in the year 2409 intended to deal with the upcoming confrontation with an unknown hostile species under the command of a council of Starfleet’s best admirals. This new fleet would be comprised of veterans from various duty stations all across the Federation who had proven themselves time and time again in their respective fields. Together they will combat this new threat and uphold the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets. The 12th Fleet is also the first line of defence along the Romulan Neutral Zone. As such it is heavily geared toward TacFleet Assets, however it still maintains Star Fleet ideals with a strong presence of exploration and research assets. The 12th also patrols and defends the core worlds of the Federation.

About us

We are a large, very friendly fleet with a place to fit almost anyone. We encourage active assistance of other members, so if you are new to STO, people will have no problem helping you out with missions and character builds. We also have the 12th Reserve (for federation alts) and a fleet for our Klingon alts. We also have a chat channel so that our members can stay in contact with everyone else across all characters, and even when playing Champions online.
Next to playing the game we also like to roleplay. Currently this is mostly limited to forum roleplay but in the future we also intend to take our adventures to the game. We're eagerly awaiting the ability to create our own content for this.

We have a monthly Magazine which we publish, featuring guides, stories and news. You too can be a part of this and help us with art, or by writing articles. You can view our previous issues here.


12th has a large variety of divisions, some with ingame roles such as medical, and others with a more roleplaying aspect. All divisions primary focus is as a way for people to get to know others more easily and to help people to group up.
The divisions are:

Science Department

Medical Division
We are the medics from the 12th Fleet, our continious job is to keep Starfleet personnel alive. Be it either on the ground with a quick Triage or in space, where our Science Teams protect our comrades from harm.
When a situation looks hopeless we are the ones that can turn the tide in combat, often acting at the frontlines of battle, saving every life we can while our comrades protect our backs.

If you love healing people and patching them up to full healthy then our Medical Division is the right place for you!

Exploration Division
These men and woman will carry in the footsteps of great officers like Jean Luc Picard and James T Kirk in charting unknown space, perform scientific research and boldly setting off to explore where no man has gone before.

Research and Development division - 12th Fleet's Offical Crafting and Supply Division
R&D, one of the most important but often underestimated divisions in Starfleet. It is thanks to these brave men and women that the Federation has the technology it has today. If you have an inquisitive mind, like to discover what no man has discovered before and dont mind getting blown up in the process, then this Division is perfect for you!

Operations Department

Tactical Division
Also known as the Valkyries. This will be our division for the PVP oriented player, to take the fight to the enemy and participate in fleet operations against our adversaries. Providing protection for our fleet members and other Federation citizens.

These officers specialize in covert activity, relaying information about enemy units and providing advanced warning to the fleet in any event of danger to its overall well-being. These duties also include watching over the safety of all 12th members and their confidentiality when issues may occur. Our goal is not to start war, but rather end Chaos.

Preventing war is our business.

MACO is responsible for providing to Starfleet a force capable of rendering armed assistance in the resolution of an issue or a potential issue that affects Federation security. While MACO’s primary role is counter-terrorism, its personnel can be employed in any type of military operations, which include, but are not limited to, surveillance, security advice and close personal protection.

Resources Department

Engineering division
This proud group of people will be entrusted with the construction and design of our starships and starbases. They will be the invaluable backbone behind the might of the 12th fleet developing new ways to defend ourselves and strike back at our foes.

Command Department

These officers have the sworn duty to uphold the principals of Starfleet and the Federation when dealing with other fleets and potential allies. They will conduct themselves to the best of their abilities when dealing with friends and foes.

These proud men and woman have the honour of assisting their fellow fleet members when there is a problem be it inside or outside the fleet. They will be the keepers of justice. Look out for potential hazards we might face in the future and mediate in disputes.

Jag, Diplomacy and Intelligence are mainly filled with people currently in the fleet, if you wish to be in these put on your application that you wish to do so by checking these as well, and you may be lucky and get straight in.

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