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hello all i dunno what is wrong i try this quest many times

with out any problem
now i try again after the maintence yesterday

with a new toon am lvl 17 atm
and wanne do this quest but i get my ass kickt so hard that my schield and hull drop in a few hits -.-

it never hapnend bevore its btw a lvl 9 quest
and i look but its just on normal mode

so i dunno if any had problems to with this quest
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11-01-2013, 07:54 AM
Nope. It's dead easy. I just did it as a lvl 12 while still flying a base b'rel and had no problems. Just got to learn how to tackle different enemies
Originally Posted by virusdancer
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11-02-2013, 01:50 PM
Did it as a level 15, though I had the Lt cmdr battlecruiser[got the dylithum first with other characters].

Just gotta know how to deal with the target.
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11-04-2013, 11:24 AM
I played this a couple of times this last weekend leveling KDF characters. I determined that the space battle after you arrive in Gorath (where you destroy the satellites/freighters, and where I suspect you are finding difficulty) is designed to be a time sink and/or something to teach you how to get into the proper mind set for flying a BOP. At the beginning, I would set your power preset to shield, and allow the other martok ships help with the initial dps. Take out the two satellites first (the torg ships guarding them first, then the satellites), then cruise over cloaked (no full impulse) to the freighters. The freighters are designed to fly towards groups of enemies that, if they gang up on you, you will find difficult to deal with all at once. You can position yourself to take out each freighter before you get into aggro range on the torg ships; position yourself so you are between the freighter and its destination (the big station on the other side of the asteroid belt), about 9k from the freighter's at rest position. Switch to the weapons power preset, decloak, and pour fire into the freighter until it dies. You will be able to stay mostly still, just enough speed to turn and follow the freighter while firing on it for almost 20k of distance.
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11-04-2013, 11:33 AM
Theres a weapon preset other than max-power?

Having done this mission so many times I dread to think I cannot say it has ever been considered difficult. Killing the satellite guards you just leave to your allies while picking off any who come to the edges and then get the satellite. Once you get the satellite you may as well lure out the guard cruiser from near the freighter by just waiting until he comes within 10km and give him a pot shot. Kill him and then cloak. The freighter will not move until you get close to it so keep your distance.

Fly up behind freighter while cloaked and decloak with all buffs going and focus fire on his backend from point blank range 0.5-1.5km). His shields will drop very quickly which is fortunate as a running freighter is a pain to keep up with. Use a tractor beam or something if he tries to get out of 5km range and he will die exceptionally quickly.

Only thing to remember on missions like this is get the highest MK weapons you can for your level before starting the mission. This is easily done on the exchange even with the pittance credits you will have at that point.
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11-04-2013, 04:50 PM
I love this mission. It fun but it can not just rolled through willy nilly.
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