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We don't need 100 threads of people whinging about their Borg playable characters not being available yet. I totally understand the frustration, but there's enough chaos already; posting thread after thread isn't going to get the problem noticed or fixed any sooner.

Create one sticky thread where everyone getting their briefs in a bunch over not having their Borg captain available can curse out Cryptic and talk about how they're canceling their lifetime sub after a whole 6 hours or what have you. Then the dev's can post to it with updates on what they're doing to fix the problem, at which point their disgruntled fans can demand some kind of compensation they're convinced they deserve.

Yeah, you can tell I'm a little annoyed with all the complaints already. I don't discount the frustration; I'd be annoyed over it too, but I would at least have the sense not to create yet another thread about it.

So, yeah...GMs, a little forum clean-up is in order.

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