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Two years after the Romulan Home world being destroyed by a supernova and the threat faced by the rogue Romulan Nero and his highly advanced star-ship.

Star fleet begins consideration of a dedicated defense fleet to handle such threats.

On Star-date 91654.75, Star-fleet Command authorized the creation of a new highly trained combat force to combat any hostile entity that would threaten the Earth.

Vice Admiral Dorson, Captain of the I.S.S Hood was then assigned command of this newly formed fleet due to his unique experience dealing with hostile entanglements across the universe.

Now tasked with command, Dorson then begins searching for outstanding Captains and individuals to serve in the newly created Task Force.

United Earth Allied Forces is a international fleet with members from all over the world. Existing since 2014, the fleet is prepared and ready for the full launch of the upcoming PC MMORPG "Star Trek Online". We are role players and general play, but we also want to fit in any needs members might have, so there is also focus on PvP and PvE. You want to do something in the Universe of Star Trek Online? Then this is for you. We are a new fleet which would be awesome to build up to be #1 fleet. throughout Star Trek Online. Please join us!
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03-15-2014, 12:49 PM
Thread move.

Please keep fleet recruitment threads in one of the fleet forums. Thanks!
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03-21-2014, 10:18 AM
Wow, you are both united and allied. Keep it up.
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