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Hello STO,

Was glancing through the threads in this section and saw alot of people looking for fleets, so i thought i would throw mine out there as a possible home!

We are a small fleet who have a T3 base, t1 embassy and t....1 mine.. i think. Honestly i havent been on STO in about a month, but thats mainly due to real life related matters.

The Fighting 5th doesnt have many rules, really the only one is contribute to the projects. The only reason we kind of push this is because it benefits the whole fleet. The members in the fleet are people who have been playing anywhere from 3 weeks to over 3 years. I dont consider myself an expert in this game at all, but ive been playing since release, so i know most of the tricks.

The 5th is a fleet who likes to have fun. We try to get together every other week or so and have what we call " Beer'n'Borg' or "Rum'n'Romulan nights. Its always great fun and produces a lot of laughs as well.

So if your looking for a fleet with no rules, no power hungry dictator's in charge, just people who together over the interwebs every so often to have some fun then look me up, send me an email ingame, or reply to this thread. I plan on returning to the game very soon and would be happy to welcome some new members to our fleet!

CYA AROUND THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ow ya,, my main toons name is Chaos@captainchaos66 i have many toons just just email @captainchaos66 and ill get it....
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