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Alpha Alliance Recruiting

We Are A Tier 2 Active Casual Fleet Where New Players Can Get Help,A Free Starter Ship Set & Activity Reward Of 1,000 Energy Credits(Increases 1,000 Per Fleet Rank) To Help Start Them Off.

We Have High Level Players & Experienced Members Who Will Help If They Can & We Accept All Levels To Our Fleet.

We Also Have A Website: www.Alpha-Alliance.webs.com With Fleet Rules,Game Guides,Tips & More.

Our Fleet Rules Are:
1: Be Active(Online Atleast 1-2 Days Every 2 Week`s If You Are Unable To Be Online For Any Reason i.e. Holidays,Moving Etc Please Leave A Message In The Fleet Forums Or Contact The Fleet Leader Via The Website Or Ingame).
2: Help Other Members As Best You Can.
3: Donate Anything You Have Spare To The Fleet(i.e Duty Officers To Fleet Projects In Fleet Holdings Or Items To The Fleet Bank).
4: No Spamming,Scamming Or Hacking.
5: Be Respectfull To All Members Of The Fleet.
6: No Abusive Behaviour Towards Members Of The Fleet Or The Game.

If Anyone Is Interested Please Message Me Here Or Ingame: Anthony Cowley@anthonyc198

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