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This may be a good idea/ideas when doing space combat.

Why do we have Starship bridges or even pay money for them with zen if we dont get to play them in space combat.

The only time most people go to there bhridge and starship interior is basicly never becouse whats the point you never really go inside what im proposing in space combat.

why not be in your inside your bridge when your inside your ship such as in the movies the captain uses the main view screen in combat and we should be able to move around the camera and actully give orders to your crew.

also we should be able to see your ship get hit when you are in combat ( inside of ship).

we aslo shoul be able to tell your nav crew to go to that location is also we should be able two tell order your crew do certain tasks to make your starships bridge more alive and fun after all your the captain.

such as some of the things we should order them is damage report or injuries or even tell them to engage.

also why cant we use are startrek tech such as ordering are ships computer to do things.

also why cant are turbolifts act like actull turbolifts you know so the turbolifts just wont just load you to a new place when you could actully walk in it and tell it to stop and every now and then have some random crew member to enter the turbolift with you.

Theres all this startrek technology we never get to use.

Plus any way why cant we interact with are crew and the crew interact with you after all your the captain not just random ensign crew member and they dont treat you with respect.

Also why do we have a ten foward (fed) or dining room (kdf) if we dont have any waitors/waitreses.

also why do we have all these crew with out any private quaters. also why do we have captains quaters if we cant control the decoration to your likeings and ajust the ligthing and where are your bridge crew private quaters.

and why dont we have working holodeck that we can program Mabey they are alrealdy programmed with certain holodecks projections such projection like relaxaxtion ones or even have combat projections.

we would have all of these becouse i nthe movies starships really never go to starbases unlees for missions or rest or repairs.

we have all these trade ships that we can trade and we could ahve personal taliors and stuff in your starship.

also we have transporters but why cant they be more realistick and we have duty officers but why dont we see them in the crew when we walk then the duty officers do have names but we never see them.

plus starships have shuttle bays why cant we enter are shuttle bay its a starship.

after all a starshi pis like a home to there captain and crew.

these ideas are just to make the game more star trek related and startrek realistic.
Survivor of Romulus
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11-11-2013, 07:09 AM
sorry for any misspellings
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11-11-2013, 07:11 AM
Why do you keep making multiple threads about the same subjects? Do you not know that is against the forum rules?

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