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Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Would normally go through the route of looking at fleets recruitment threads instead of posting here. But my first attempt with applying for a fleet here didnt work out as I felt my application wasnt given any form of priority by them.

Im a 30 year old male and living in Scotland. And will play roughly 2-3 hours a day that can go up to 10 hours+ if the misses isnt about

Enjoy a laugh and a bit of banter. Dont take anything to heart.

Level 43 and tactical.

Ive been playing for around 10 days and feel im ready to join a fleet. I am now a gold member also. So thats a sign of my enjoyment and commitment to the game.

My online gaming history is as follows

Dofus (MMORPG)
Call of Duty - various versions (FPS)
Atlantica Online (MMORPG)
Lord Of Ultima (Browser RTS)

A few others as well but I either didnt take to them, or other commitments got in the way.

Generally I play a game for 2-3 years if I like it. And will focus 99% of my gaming energy on that 1 game for that time. I prefer to excel at 1 game than be mediocre at several.
My role within the various guilds/alliances/clans/communities that I have been in have been from standard member all the way to leader. And everything in between like recruiter , event planner, forum admin and trainer of new people.

I have TS3 installed and more than happy to use that or any other form of comms.

I want nothing for free. I want no ships or energy credits. And the only thing I will ask is for advise. Even that wont be free as after a few months the advise that im given will then be handed down to other new players.

What I want or dont want in a fleet

Firstly I want to make it clear im not interested in a fleet that the leaders are up their own arses. No egos please.

I have seen a few recruitment threads from fleets that are into the whole starfleet thing a bit too much for my liking. Calling leaders sir ect ect. Sorry does nothing for me
Yes im a trekky but not that much. hehe

I dont mind trekky themes in a fleet. But too much scares me.

Activity is only a concern for me to the point that I dont want to be online by myself too often. I realize this can happen but as long as it isnt 75% of my game time.

I work shifts, so while I live in Scotland. An international community that speaks english is likely what suits me best.

A website with an active forum would be ideal.

And voice comms preferred.

Thanks for reading. Hope I havent put people off with my demands, but better to make these things clear now than later.

Either hook me up with a pm in game at Hairy@hairy30 or post below/


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10-22-2013, 08:05 AM
Hey Alan,
Nice post.
I could use someone like you.
I'm the founder of Deceiver's Lair (established just days ago and not yet public),
but working on our first forum recruiting post as we speak.

You'll probably want a fleet that has been established (active) for some time,
but I wanted to offer you a "ground level" opportunity with me, just the same.

You can check out the Fleet's details at our site if you like, just click Deceiver's Lair.

I would be honored to have you at the Lair.

Best Regards,

Deceiver's Lair - Fleet General
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10-22-2013, 10:16 AM

You might like Echelon Division, we're a tier IV fleet, with a international playerbase.On the subject of activeness, i would say that we are quite active.We are allways looking for new members with fresh ideas and spirit to join our ranks.Well i let decide if we can offer you something, but please have a look at our website and forumpost:



Echelon Division
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10-22-2013, 02:00 PM
Hi there you might want to check out UFP, our website is HERE and our thread is HERE, please feel free to pay us a visit.

We currently have over 700 active members from over 40 different countries so there are always people online to play with or socialise with. The bulk of our membership is from the UK and the US so no worries about language barrier.

We do employ a canon rank structure and our website and forums are designed to look authentic but there is no requirement to call people Sir or anything like that.

I'll give you a few bullet points as to what we offer members if you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch.
  • 5 in-game fleets and support for each playable faction.
  • Top tier starbase.
  • An elite group dedicated to STFs and PvP.
  • More than a dozen dedicated event officers covering all major time zones.
  • Daily hosted events and regular events with other fleets.
  • Game guides for members of all experience levels.
  • We have our own website, forum, mobile app, team speak server and game servers.
  • We self publish our own Star Trek magazine featuring exclusive interviews with the Star Trek Online developers.
  • In partnership with Activision and CBS we also have a multi-game digital publishing deal allowing us to provide all members with FREE and completely legal copies of Elite Force Holomatch and RPG-X.
  • More than 10 years experience in the field of Star Trek gaming.
  • Over 800 active members representing more than 40 different nationalities.
  • In addition to Star Trek Online we also actively support the Star Trek Armada series, Star Trek Bridge Commander and the Star Trek Elite Force series.
  • We were also voted one of the top 100 clans in the world a few years back, the only Star Trek gaming clan featured in the list I might add, again though it is subjective.
  • Annual 'real world' meet up events.
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10-22-2013, 06:34 PM
Hey I'd like to throw our fleet into the mix so you have more options to choose from if you haven't chosen already. We are Liberty Task Force at www.libertytaskforce.com and we are a full Tier IV working on our way to Tier V. We are only about 6 months old as a fleet but boast a very active website and forums. We also have a TeamSpeak 3 server...actually two, one is our back-up so something is always up.

We have members from all over the world and promotion is based on total contributions to the fleet starting at 100,000 for first rank. We do it this way to keep track of things better. We don't have formal roll-calls but do ask members to be active at least once every 60 days or one may be kicked from the fleet as inactive. We feel that this is both reasonable and fair.

If your interested feel free to friend me in-game at Grayfox@GrayfoxJames or e-mail me at Info@LibertyTaskForce.com take care and see you in space!

Best Regards,
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10-22-2013, 06:49 PM
Take a look at my Signature

I won't spam the thread with too much detail, but Proteus is a Tier 5 Starbase, and Level 3 holdings to go with it ( overall fleet level 19) , Facilities are pretty much covered and projects run on a constant basis, tailors are unlocked should you want to use them ( Odyssey and Miner outfits are quite cool in my opinion ) Ans our Stores are well stocked with provisions for ships and weapons etc

Relaxed atmosphere , we have officers to run things, but we aren't going to make you salute or anyhting, we all treat each other pretty much equally when it comes to respect, after all we're all just players of the same game in the end

We run group events quite a lot, Private PVE Ques and occasional PVP

I'll stop there cause i'll ramble on otherwise, check us out if you like, No requirments to join, no obligation to stay

These are the Voyages on the STO forum, the final frontier. Our continuing mission: to explore Pretentious Posts, to seek out new Overreactions and Misinformation , to boldly experience Cynicism like no man has before.......
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10-23-2013, 05:33 AM
Come take a look at us http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=590121

For the very best online gaming experience on star trek online. Join Task Force Spectre

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10-23-2013, 07:48 AM
Thanks for the replies and the interest.

I have decided on a fleet.


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10-23-2013, 09:47 AM
If you ever end up fleetless again and have to have another look, feel free to give me a shout in game @jamesstjames).

Mainly as I'm the same age, have the same routine and Scottish - and I seriously had to double check who posted this in case I was sleep typing hah

I'm FA in a nice little group thats pretty laid back - and mostly US-centric so it might appeal to your shift pattern if you feel the need for change

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