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I'm about to respect my character's reputation powers, however, I'd like some input on my choices.

Note: I'm a Human Tac officer flying mostly aux2batt beam boats in PvP. The reason for the respec is a desire to switch my Tier 4 Romulan choice from Secondary Shielding to Sensor Assault. Tired of being placated all the time...want to give some of that back for a change.

Currently, here is how he's spec'd...

Omega (Tier 5):

Weapons Proficiency, Weapon Training, Regen Shield Aug, Sup. Shield Repair, Nanite Cloud

Romulan (Tier 5):

Lethality, Precision, Reactive Shielding, Secondary Shielding, Singularity Manip.

Nukara (Tier 4):

Indomitable, Enh. Shield Pen., Emerg. Fix, Aux Power - Defense

Again, the goal is to improve my effectiveness for PvP combat. I know the placate option will help me survive longer, however, what - if anything - should I modify besides the Tier 4 Romulan passive?

Advice and input appreciated!

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10-22-2013, 10:18 AM
1. You should ask in the PVP forums.

2. There is a new Reputation coming out soon, so you may want to find out about it before using another respec to change it again.
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