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06-23-2010, 09:23 AM
seven of nines silver and two tone blue uniforms
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06-23-2010, 03:13 PM
i would love some better hair options.

like the popadore, or the poof (see snooki), the rachel (friends), long curly hair, like alice (alice in wonderland), or maybe the lady gaga... any of those, cause theres a lot of them. guys should be able to get the kat williams, or the snoop dog. and maybe the worf for the klingons... cause theyre pretty limited.

also, the ability to have multi colors in ones hair, like highlights, streaks, or two-tone do's. male or female.

and i was also thinking glasses would be cool. like the big buddy holly type, or the yellow ones marksmen wear. or aviators.

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06-23-2010, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by Unit757 View Post

more headgear options, perhaps hats, and maybe some combat headgear, similar to the below picture?

(I belive those are Mirror universe MACO's, not quiet sure)
Actually those are Mobile Infantry troops from the movie "Starship Troopers."

As for what I'd like to see, I'd like some kind of dress uniform, kinda like modern dress whites, and possibly the NX Enterprise uniforms.
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06-23-2010, 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by TheManWithTheHat View Post
(NOTE: Quote shortened to show the parts I was especailly interested in) First of All: More Slor for Uniforms and Offduty Outfits.
I think most of the people who habe buyed the different uniform sets in the C-Store want to change the uniforms easily without going to the tailor and creating a new uniform.

- Ability to set a ship "Uniform Dress Code" for all BOs. Each Captain has 6 special Uniforms Slots called "Tactical male", "Tactical female", "Science male" .... and create this 6 differnt types of uniforms and all BOs wearing this Uniforms.
- skirts! not just the TOS skirts, different skirts-micro mini, mini, above the knee, long skirts, leather, tight, plaid, A-line, flowing-loose skirts, etc (I saw Cryptic's cape physics in a video for CO, be nice to add a similar effect to the 'flowing-loose' skirts)

Offduty Outfits

- Bikinis, swimming suits, different types of tops and shorts, Aloha Shirts, Hats, Skirts, Hotpants, (for holiday on Risa)


- TOS Klingon Uniform
- Desert Uniforms
- Ds9/Voy Gala Uniforms
Got to agree with all of the above. The TOS Klingon uniforms (male & female) are a wonderful idea. There was an idea once on the forum to have bikinis and other things you'd only wear on Risa as a type of "armor" that way people could wear them on Risa but would be discouraged from using them in immersion breaking places since it would hamper the character. I liked the idea and just thought I'd throw that out there.

As a side note the "Gala" uniform you talked about should really be called a "Dress" uniform.

Originally Posted by jkirk131 View Post
Another option that might be weird is military uniforms from our era (20th-21st century). I have a toon called Jack Harkness and I would love to have a 1940's RAF longcoat for him like the character in Torchwood
The old RAF long coats were awesome! Though I see my captain more likely to show up in an American style bomber jacket.
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06-29-2010, 06:31 PM
Sorry if it's already been requested; I didn't want to wade through all 39 pages of requests to see if it was, but my sole uniform request is this:

^More textures for the long, loose pants so that we can actually match the uniform tops please! It bugs me to no end that the long loose pants standard texture doesn't match ANYTHING you guys have given us.
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06-29-2010, 09:04 PM
  • Klingon TOS uniform option has only the top (and aside from the shape of the pattern, it is quite unlike the canon TOS Klingon uniform tunic.). The trousers and boots worn by the Klingons and B'vat in the Guardian of Forever mission and B'vat in the Captain's table are completely unavailable. Also, the tunic texture doesn't quite match where it meets at the top of the shoulders. Perhaps put a visible seam like one might find on a real tunic/shirt.
  • Klingon collars: Impossible to remove except on the "Alien" race. Is there a reason this is not an option for the established player races?
  • Klingon gauntlets: Females get gauntlets closest to what was worn by all Klingons in the series, males get enormous coffee tins and fantasy armour. Males should have a gauntlet option that looks like the female gauntlet with claws over the knuckles, like in the series.
  • Sleeves: The canonical Klingon warriors quite often wore loose/baggy "fur" sleeves as a part of their armour bloused into their gauntlets.
  • Boots: Male boots are enormous. I don't mind having the option for chunky moon boots, I'd actually love to have that option for my Starfleet officers, but that is the only option for males. Boot 1 is the closest to being canonical. Klingons should have the tight calf / knee high boots like Captain B'vat wears and tight calf / knee high boots with the talon on and toe cap like the STII / Next Gen Klingons.
  • Armour Chest: It is similar to the canonical armour but, among other things, missing the cylindrical chest belt. Recommend a ST:TNG / DS9 / VOY marathon of all of the episodes with Klingons for reference material.
  • Armour Shoulders: The standard set looks like the canonical armour laid over huge chunks of solid material. The layered armour looks much closer to canon; why not remove the lower two layers for the standard shoulder armour?
  • Female Trousers: The lower part of the female armour and the belt is attached to the trousers, so if one takes the skin option for the armour top, she now has an odd looking skirt attached to her belt / trousers.
  • Female TOS outfit: Female Klingons do not have a TOS option like the males do.
  • Honour cloaks: Per devs, being added as admiral rank unlock, going against canon. At most, rank should be captain and non-Klingons should have to go through a separate mission to prove their honour and bring glory to the Empire.
  • Honour Sash: Currently the LCdr T3 sash clips horribly with the back of the shoulder on both TOS and Armour without a shoulder pad. Many of the sashes clip with the shoulder pads. Perhaps add a right shoulder option that has the sash attached to a pauldron.
  • Racial attire: (*per the Devs, Oroion, Nausicaan and Lethean gear is coming, no mention of Gorn, though.) Gorn could have the skin options you see them wearing around the bases. (I understand that the Gorn options would be difficult to implement because they tend to be larger than the trousers they wear. The torsos have a visible shelf effect at the waist where they meet the trousers and the calves end up looking like Godzilla boots with the trousers tucked into them. With a little effort, though, it could be made workable.) But...... I REALLY like them. xD Can they please be made available for Gorn players? If the shelf effect at the top is bothersome for the devs, just taper it upwards and give the Gorn a TOS style mid calf/knee length cutoff trouser like the Starfleet officers get to make it look extra spiffy. For the shelf effect at the waist, add a customisable belt to the trousers to hide the disparity in sizes.
  • Fix Wonky costume options: Many costume options in the Klingon costume creator seem to have no function or completely remove textures from costume items. Some racial options seem to be afterthoughts (Nausicaan respirator masks do not deform with the face, removing a Nausicaan's hair leaves it with a shelf where its forehead drops down to its crown.) Some racial options are just not there for players (Lethean NPCs have bright red eyes. Lethean players are limited to human eye colours.) Some skin colours feel like they haven't undergone QA testing (So bright that it has its own bloom effect, even in the dim lighting of the Klingon faction creation screen or incredibly dark (or light) whilst seeming to retain the maps (ex: specular map) from the mid-range colour.
  • Overall, the textures look very low quality. I would like to register my interest in seeing as much attention given to Klingon avatars as is given to Starfleet avatars. (Though both need work. The 23rd century / ST II uniforms have awful colour bleed around the collar and shoulder strap)
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07-06-2010, 12:46 PM
I'd like to echo the comments for Picard hairstyles (especially for those of us who have one in real life!).
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07-07-2010, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
  • Female TOS outfit: Female Klingons do not have a TOS option like the males do.
Here's a nice image of the TOS Female Klingon uniform.
Took me a while to find this so I've been throwing it out whenever I can.
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# 389 Re: Mirror Universe uniforms
07-09-2010, 02:48 AM
Two things that should be added;
1) The dagger all terran empire officers wore.
2) How about the short sleeve 'Captain' shirt.

(Oh, and my wife keeps complaining about not having the option to wear the Orion slave girl outfit too.)
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07-13-2010, 02:46 AM
Any chance of adding an option to transfer Uniform settings from my Character to my Bridge Officers? When creating a new Outfit it is always quite a lot of work to transfer it to all of my Officers (and additionally change colors a little), but for me it is important to have my away team dressed up as a team. SO this would help a lot

Maybe saving these settings aside the Face/Head/Body customization could help, for those may not have to be bound to race and gender (ok ... skirts may cause a problem here )

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