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I was really thinking about something today. Why do so many people not utilize tribble as a test server, but more to the point of "I want to see what's coming out in the next _____(patch, season, etc...)"? There are many reasons, some of which include: "I don't have access to fleet gear without spending a lot of time at it", "I can't afford the ship I want to test so I'm not going to try it out until I can", etc... I, myself, am part of the latter. Stuff such as ships and universal consoles are not affordable for use due to some people's greed, ships priced on tribble's exchange for 500 mil ec (no cap increase available past the basic silver ec cap unless you are lifetime(I think)). And people without enough lobi can't buy them from the lobi store.

I believe that there needs to be changes made to the test server that allow us, when asked and also for personal testing purposes, to allow us the ability to properly test whatever it is that we need to test. "Oh new ship designed to be used as an omni-tank, let me respec my skill tree in order to improve my tanking!" I believe we should (only on tribble test server): have unlimited respec tokens, have access to account bank slots (only if unlocked on holodeck), and possibly, the ability to instant level a character to a specific rank (for testing higher tier ships and whatnot). By reading this, you may ask yourself, "Why would players want to even play on holodeck if these changes were to be made?" Well, I have a simple answer to that dilemma, the server could possibly wipe all characters that exist on it periodically to maintain cleanliness of character data storage locations. I'm not talking a wipe every week or so, maybe every month or two.

As with some suggestions that are posted.
Thank you for reading my ideas about the test server.
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01-22-2014, 07:39 AM
You seem to misunderstand the purpose of a test server. It is not to test builds, ships, and gear for personal use. It's not so people can "test drive" ships before purchase. It's here to test new content, etc for bugs and problems before it gets released to holodeck.
The first change needed on Tribble is to test all new content far enough in advance so that bugs have less chance to reach holodeck. This testing half of new content isn't the way to go.

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