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I've just completed the tutorial, and been given my field promotion to Captain of my Starship, the USS Nyghtfall. The game takes place in the year 2409. For my Biography, since I like to RP, I actually calculated when I would've had to be born to be old enough to have graduated the Academy and still be young enough to start out as an Ensign in 2409. My character's name is my real name, which is, I feel, about as RP as one can get while maintaining originality. My ship name is my internet nickname. My bio is also partly based on real life events - I really did build my first telescope with my Father when I was 16; it's a 12" refracting telescope, and is currently at his house.

Oh, and thank you, Cryptic, for giving male characters a Ponytail option. I have waist-length hair in real life. While I long hair isn't exactly regulation, it's a nice touch for the game.

My character, Ensign Matt Hutchinson

Apparently, it still costs nothing to customize starter ships, as I wasn't charged anything for the new design I came up with. I especially like the bluish grey tint of the Type 2a Material and the way the Centaur Pylons arch over the top of the Miranda-style Saucer. I picked Virgo for the Pattern because it coincides with my astrological sign.

Pic 1

Pic 2

I can't wait for the game to launch. I'm really looking forward to seeing my character wear the Next Gen uniform I'm getting with my pre-order.

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