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# 1 Pre-order renewed?
01-29-2010, 09:37 PM
So I made the following post last week:

Well, I approached this game with an open mind, especially since I am not really a fan of ST, and at first I thought it was kind of fun. After playing in the beta for a while, it has become pretty obvious that there is little variance in game play. The game reminds me more of a single player type game, than it does a "theme universe" mmorpg. There are so many things that many of us have thought of, which would add to and make this a complete game. I understand many of those things *may* happen someday, but I do not understand why such a stripped-down game is going live. I've waited until now to cancel my pre-order, because I had hoped the game would reveal more than what it seemed to be, but in the end, it is far too repetitive for me to play all of the time.

I know there are some of you that love ST so much, you will just be happy playing in a ST mmorpg, and I'm glad you got one. But for the general gaming public, this game is not complete enough to keep our attention. The sheer potential of the game is still exciting to me, and I hope it will get there eventually. But it's not much more right now than, fly around in a ship and shoot things, then beam down somewhere and shoot things. I did see a few missions that where more like what I think this game should have (like the guardian of forever one), but those seem to be the minority.

Well, good luck to you guys who will play the game from the start, and thanks to Cryptic for the work they've done. The scenery is breathtaking, and I love the explosions.
Because I am an honest person, I wanted to bump that post...but it is archived and cannot be bumped, so I will own up to the fact that I have reversed my decision so far as having decided to give the game a further review. There are two primary reasons...I am bored and need a game to play, and I was looking at screen-shots from the game (I took a lot) and just really missed having a ship of my own flying around in space. I have decided that I am willing to sacrifice the money to be a tyrannical captain of a ship for at least a month, after which I will re-assess my opinion of this game. I do not reverse my opinion of the state of this game. That includes how awesome the scenery and explosions are, and that is a plus! So, yeah, I "came back" as some guy said I would, but it is because I really want the game to be great, and want to be there when it is. The potential is there...I just hope it is realized at some point.

Flame away...
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# 2
01-29-2010, 09:40 PM
You know what for me its not flame time but a welcome back time. I for one am glad you decided to come back and give STO another chance. Trust me there were times I was thinking of leaving but something always pulled me back.....
So welcome back...........

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