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I may be looking at things the wrong way but im sure this is a bug.

n the Bridge Officers skill leveling screen, when I select a skill i want to level up i get the skill detail window that opens, the one that shows the bar graph that ascends to the right. Now when i click the up arrow for the skill to see that stats for the next rank, for all the skill i have tried the stat that changes with each rank GOES DOWN and not up. Whats even more curious is when i press the arrow again to go the the rank above that, then i press the down arrow to remove that rank, the stat now GOES UP compared to what the original was. Here is an example. Ill use Medical Tricorder I

at rank 2 it says it heals +60 health. When i click the up arrow to see what it heals for the third rank is does no move(it still says 60, BUT sometimes the value will actually go down and get worse...i think when i had Medical Tricorder at rank 1 it said +60 health and when i clicked to rank 2 it said +57...but its now back to +60.)

Whats even more odd is when i click from rank 2 to 3 (with no change in the +healing) and then click back down to rank 2...its GOES UP to +64. When i learned it, the tool tip now shows +64. But i don't know, just by click the arrow up and down I can make the stats for all the skills i have tried change erratically.

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