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Ok i have mentioned this topic before in another thread. Then a patch was released with the new cruiser commands for all cruisers, and it was also mentioned in the patch notes that there was a fix for some Romulan faction uniform bugs.

Imagine my joy when i foolishly thought i would finally be able to kit my beloved Reman deathbringer in a tailor made Omega Mk XII outfit befitting his uncanny warrior prowess on the battlefield.

Now if you would friends, visualize the glow of excitement and anticipation as i hasten to the tailor to discover the OMEGA UNIFORM selection in the drop down when previously it was not present.

Finally, embrace with me comrades the chagrin and sheer soul emptying despair when after selecting the drop down nd moving to customize my uniform, i discover that the possible choices are now bugged and nothing more than the horrendous tin foil vest with a utility belt can be selected as options. You know the one i mean, the horrific Omega armour skin that results when you equip the Omega Armour Mk XI.

Yes dear Captains, once again, disappointment with uniform options. A seemingly simple task to correct, yet dumbfounding everyone.

While on this subject, i would also like to query why we STILL CANNOT CUSTOMISE THE ROMULAN EMBASSY BOFFS for my Federation Captain? Why? Just.....why?
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