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From the RP Fleet, the Lost 47s, comes a desire to branch out and form other sub-groups of mulit-factions that can particiapte both in our fleet RP and their own faction RP events.

At the moment, we realize that Romulans are not a seperate faction. So, we are seeking those klingon factional players who play as Romulans. We need those players to contact us. We have an immediate position for our weekend story with them.

Once the Romulans become their own seperate faction, we will be converting those members to that faction and forming the sub-fleet.

Please contact myself here or myself or George in-game if you are interested. We need you asap.

We also have the same type of opportunity for Cardassian Klingon Factional players as well.

And we have already formed a seperated but sub-group fleet for Klingons called SoDaj. If you are a klingon player and interested in joining this, please message myself or Naven in game.

For more information about the Lost 47s, please view our forum thread in the Federation Fleets section.

Thank you!

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