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10-28-2013, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by uberglitch View Post
What if I managed to drop a Tyken's Rift on a Gravity Well to Drain ALL the things? That might make me consider dropping some skill points into particle generators, unless the damage is just too little to matter.
You can't. Global cooldowns conflict. If you have a friend though, one could do GW and one TR, but alone you can't. And the damage is more a 'nice extra' unless you heavily spec into it and reduce your drain effectiveness.

I'm also curious what the consensus is about Aux Power to Structural. I chose Engineering Team because of the hull heal, when (1 copy of) Hazard Emitters just couldn't keep up. Other concerns?
Nice thing about Aux2Struc is the mere 15 second cooldown compared to ET's 30. When you're running a ship that runs high aux, like say a science ship, it will heal for as much as ET but twice as often. And boost your hull resistance besides. Very popular that way.
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10-28-2013, 06:08 PM
Alright, here's a go at a tightened up build (also added to OP):



Deflector Array (found on exchange for affordable)
Changed to Positron XI [FlwC] [Stl] - Added flow capacitor and additional shield hp stats to the existing tanky goodness.

Aft Weapons
Changed Mines to Cutting Beam - It's "only" T2 Omega Reputation, so it's something to shoot for.

Engineering Consoles
Changed RCS to Assimilated Module - It's T1 and should be one of the easier reputation items to reach, and plenty of builds here advocate it

Changed Ablative to Neutronium - I agree that kinetic damage is scary and the module itself is affordable on the exchange

Science Consoles
Changed 1 Shield Emitter to another Flow Capacitor - Embrace the drain!

Changed other Shield Emitter to Leech - I can dream and save up

Bridge Officers

Ens Tac - Replaced Tactical Team 1 with BFAW 1 - MOAR BEAMS, less shared team cooldowns, goodbye sweet auto balancing shields

Lt Eng - Replaced Engineering Team 2 with Aux2Struct 1 - Hull heals was really the goal here

To me this seems like a decent near-future goal. I of course will keep an eye out for straight upgrades in mark or rarity to existing items.

Thank you all so far. Any thoughts on these updates?
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10-28-2013, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by uberglitch View Post

Any other long unresolved bugs I should look out for?
The doff that disables a subsystem on energy siphon use seems to be broken and the tyken's rift aftershock doff also. Cryptic is too busy playing with dinosaurs to fix stuff.

By the way, if you need EC to buy the leech console, send some refugees to the correct asylums and sell the doffs, and play Admiral Bobo Goes To War or Kerrat for farming equipment to sell.

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10-28-2013, 07:14 PM
I'd keep a TT around for all the boarding parties the Borg love to throw around in ESTFs. Other than that, looks good.

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