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I saw when I logged on to tribble an email that awarded me a free ship upgrade token and accolade for being an 800 day vet. The item states in the email it is one per account. When you mouse over it, it says bound to character on pickup.

To avoid any whining later on holodeck, I would suggest the email state that it is bound to the character upon pickup. Many people may not mouse over the item before taking it from the email and it will be stuck on a character they may not want it on. The other option is just bind the item to the account as you would infer this from the email.
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# 2 Shouldn't be a problem
10-29-2014, 06:25 AM
I believe the way it works is you get a box containing an upgrade token. The box is bound, the token is not. Just open the box and transfer the token.
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# 3 what is going on?
11-20-2014, 05:16 PM
I joined this game in late March of this year and I have been playing it just about everyday since.
But according to ARC I have not played more than 12 days. Also I have been playing the Mirror Invasion scenario and got down to my needing my last two Multidimensional transport devices and when I logged on to get my next one the event was gone. Is this game turning into a scam? it looks like every time I get to a key point it either does not acknowledge it or it goes away.

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