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Okay, so my two roommates and I all pre-ordered, and two of us bought lifetime subscriptions. We started playing today during the head start, and found out that it is basically utterly impossible to actually group.

I'm not sure why it's happening, but every time we try and group together, something strange happens. We were doing the simple diplomatic mission in the Beyton system in the very very very beginning of hte game, and for the longest time, we would just get stuck on the loading screen between the system and the planet (that is, the loading screen before we'd end up on the ground.) After about six tries, we finally managed to get two of the three of us to actually be on the planet, and we tried to do the mission, which consists of talking to five people, then answering simple questions. Well, I talked to all five of the people, but then when I talked to the guy who asks the questions, he only asked me three of them, and told me I was wrong when I was clearly NOT wrong (don't want holograms, don't like their hours, want new tools). Then he refused to talk to me again, and my only option was to depart the entire system.

This is obviously not how things should be. To actually eventually complete the mission, I had to leave my entire group, go back by myself, and re-do the entire thing.

Cryptic, I really like this game. I think the gameplay is really fun, and I really enjoy the space battles, and all that. But it's these little glitched and bugs that are really causing me some distress. I know it's the first day, so I'm not hating on you or anything - I understand that not everything is going to be perfect right away. But please, please get the basic function of the gameplay working before people start regretting their purchases. Please.

Thank you.

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