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# 1 Season 8, 3 major issues
10-28-2013, 08:55 PM
As i have been playing through season 8s new content i would like to say cryptic i think youve done a great job! But there are a few more issues i would like to address, this being not an issue but possibly my faourite part about season 8 is the doors inside the dyson sphere, love them! The animation the sound everything!

One of my three major issues is the fact that the voth just arn't strong enough! I can solo a mob of about 6 ships without taking more than 10% hull damage and my shields hardly dropping to red, make them harder i want to feel like i have to single the enemy ships out and take the fight strategically, just dont make it like terradome... Find the balance between and very challenging foe and the plain i need a team of five to one guy. I believe in you! Somepossible ideas to make them more challenging is upping thier hull? Or giving them extra hull and a massive resistance to our weapons? You could also make thier weapons more powerful and give them extra abilitie? just something to make them harder. I currently havent fought the city ship but i have fought everything else and can say there not strong enough.

My second issue is like azure nebula rescue the marks given out for storming the spire and the other gorund one i have forgotten about are based on performance, please just make one like the general borg stfs and give them out 40 for normal + 15 for optional and 60 for elite and again +15 for optional, ts just means we dont have to consistantly play the small rewarding missions that could be very unreliable and give us players some certianty that we would earn a minimum of x amount of marks, personally thats why i found omega rep the most appealing to do.

Now for the third major issue in my book... The explaining of where to go! I know the seasons not finished but it honnestly took me about an hour to find where everything is and i stil got stuck on the intoduction missions for example the "conflicting area" i believe its called? I had no idea where it was and because the map was HUGE (kudos it looks amazing) i wasnflying around at max speed from edge to edge of the map which took awhile and still didnt find it until i ran off the map... Just give us a nice simple map for us to know where everytinhg is, the map right mow is ok but does lack some (in my case) major explaining and key locations.

Now after my three major issues, the general bugs need to be fixed for example being able to run outside of the dyson sphere dont think that's supposed to happen but i liked the view,magain amazing work, i move onto what i loved about the new content.

1) the new rep system is amazing!!! Being able to feel rewarded for every rep mission ( is that what they're called?) and get a random (for t0= tier 0) science console mkxii vr just really made me happy and i got tonnes of them! T1,2&3 are all the same love the boxes im getting and not havingnto unlock the stores great new feature, and on the plus side it appears to be a great rep from my stand point hardly looks like a grind.

2) the art is soo cool everyone is going to love it and those who dont well lets just say your going to have to be a very lonley and sad person to not be wowed by this new content.

3)again from what i said earlier the doors, are just amazing! I guess its the little things that make the difference that extending paths, And extending steps its soo cool.

4) the final thing im going to say for what I loved about the new content is i quote " the frickin dinosaurs with laser beams" enough said.

All in all the new content is great keep it up cryptic but if you could address the issues i expressed above it would make season 8 nearly the best season ever, im still holding out on the enhanced doff system, that is going to be great!
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# 2
10-28-2013, 09:04 PM
this would be better put in the Tribble forums.
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# 3
10-28-2013, 09:11 PM
I had thought of it but its more feed back, and this was the first forum link i clicked, if the devs or community managers think its better off in the tribble forum i guess they'll move it there.
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# 4
10-28-2013, 09:16 PM
did you put it on elite difficulty?
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