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Hey everybody,

I have a Romulan-KDF engineer captain and i am trying to get one my tac boffs trained in APB3.

By accident the first person i ran into was a Rom-Fed so no surprise that i wasnt able to trade my boff to him. I found a KDF player in Qonos but it wouldnt let me get training from them either? The player was a Nausicaan so pure i have to find a Rom-KDF to do my training?

I dont know if it makes a difference but my BoFF has already been equipped or put into a station and they are a Romulan with the Rom-KDF uniform. I mentioned the uniform as well because i've been able to put Romulan boffs into my KDF stations, but when i go to change their uniform it is Rom-Fed. I've bought a few boffs on the exchange and i am guessing these are the ones i bought and they were quest rewards candidates or something for a fed player until they decided to sell them.

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