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First, I don't have enough dil to get fleet stuff, I aimed for The MACO and romulan stuff first, and I am in the process of getting more to get the fleet weapons (although I do have the neutronium consoles)

Please only helpful information, no screaming at me to use fleet stuff, I'm getting there.
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10-29-2013, 04:08 AM
you have no shield heals!
You will need an EPtS, engi team is a waste with 2 tac teams.
i'd also go for a TSS2

In sto shield heals and shield resi is far more effective than hull resi...

way too many resi consoles and no assimiltaed or zero point console...change that, asap! might wanna look into a leech console too.
also the 2 set bonus of the assimilated and KCB is great and the KCB does actually good dps.

you use plasma weapons and plasma torps, so filling the 2 sci console slots with embassy consoles to buff plasma dmg further is only logical.

granted, the romulan plasma torp launcher is a beast against stationary targets, but it seems that normal targets (ships) die faster than they can reach them, especially if you are flying an escort.

i forgot to ask, are you an engi captain or a tac? because as an engi you may only need EPtS and not so much a TSS, although having one is not a mistake either.

i havent checked out the new spire elite fleet warp cores, but the ones from the mine with 3,3% dmg increase per subsystem above 75 power are some srs buff.

with leech console and some other stuff to increase powerlevels, you can run around with 4x3,3% more dmg.
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10-29-2013, 05:04 AM
What kind of help do you need? Gear wise you'll probably want things like the assimilated console and the zero point console. I'd only have one neutronium console. Ditch the cloaking device, put something else there (like another universal console).

Although I really like eng team, unless they fix the Defiant's boff arrangement by turning that tac ensign into a uni ensign, having an eng team is a waste when you've already got x2 tac teams.

I'd put in a shield heal or two. EptS at the very least. Science abilities could be polarise hull and hazard emitters. Eng abilities either x2 EptX abilities or put in something like aux2SIF1 with EPtS1.

Your tac abilities are ok. I'd pick torpedo spread over high yield, and rapid fire over scatter volley. As far as attack patterns go, I'd pick attack pattern beta over omega. If you do that, then have polarise hull for those times you get tractored.
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10-29-2013, 06:45 PM
New link. As I said in my OP, I am kinda dil poor, so I'll get the embassy consoles as soon as I can. I managed to find the zero point, KCB, and assimilated console in my bank so I added those. I took your advice on the BOff setup and changed it around. From what I was reading I thought tac team was a shield heal, but I must have read wrong. (PS, I am tac, just forgot to change that) (PPS If you would like, you could fiddle with my skills, I have plenty of respec tokens to fix them with if you get them better.)
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10-29-2013, 07:09 PM

Use this, streamlined your boffs and updated consoles.

Get assimilated gear for heals. KCB and module is a must as well...

Any questions?
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10-30-2013, 03:26 AM
Ok, Seems like you know what you are doing. I will save this build and work towrds it when I save up enough dil to get the stuff.
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10-30-2013, 03:51 AM
i fly my defiant with this setup more or less
i don't have plasma weapons and a few other consoles, but the rest is pretty much the same.

one hull heal is obligatory and HE is a must have for any borg content to erase the shield eater ability and clear plasma burns.
i also find the defiant a waste without either a DBB or a torp launcher, since it has too many tac boff seatings for a pure cannon build.

the romulan plasma torp launcher is superior than the omega one in certain conditions, like standing infront of a stationary target and fireing at close range.
but i find the omega to be an overall better weapon for its very high fire rate and decent dps numbers.

so this build is a purely PVE build where attacking groups of enemys (as they normally are allways packed up in small grps, you never see a single ship anywhere) is the goal.
but one must be careful in elites with this, since sometimes you get more aggro than an escort can handle alone.
but who wouldn't do anything for higher dps.
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10-30-2013, 03:08 PM
I will take all of these suggestions into consideration. When I save up enough dil, I will get fleet stuff and organize my defiant based on all of these ideas. Once again, thank you all. (Ps, should I save for fleet plasma or rom plasma?)
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10-31-2013, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by timothyre99 View Post what I was reading I thought tac team was a shield heal, but I must have read wrong.
I was about to post my observations after reading your first post, but looks like it was already covered. The main thing i had noticed was that you had no shield heals or hull heals. Technically you did have a hull heal with engineering team, but tac team, eng team and sci team have a shared CD. So if you were to pop tac team it would put eng team on a CD and vice versa. This was what Baudl was talking about when he said that eng team is a waste with two tac teams.

But in regard to the quote about tac team being a shield heal. It isnt a shield heal but it can be used to allow you to regain a shield facing really fast. You know how you can manually strengthen individual shield facings? tac team does this automatically and at a much faster rate. Lets say all facings are at 100% you start taking fire and your fore shields start going down to 50%, the other facings are not taking fire and are still at 100%. If you pop tac team then continued attacks on your fore shield facing will cause it to rise at a fast rate, while draining your other 3 facings. TLDR whichever facing is getting attacked will get reinforced while draining the others. Most people will use tac team for its offensive buffs but if you ever need to use it defensively, thats pretty much how it works.
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10-31-2013, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by timothyre99 View Post
Ok, Seems like you know what you are doing. I will save this build and work towrds it when I save up enough dil to get the stuff.
I'd swap the cloaking device and Field emitter with 2 Fleet Neutronium Alloys.

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