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# 131 Use Vocola instead.
07-29-2010, 02:23 PM
Hi all.

I have been reading this thread, and see that no one has come up with a solution for control, alternative and shift modified keystrokes. But someone has mentioned that saying "type" followed by a keystroke command, such as "control four", will trigger to the right shortcut. This brought me to a solution.

Instead of using the windows speech recognition macros you can use Vocola 3. This extension has a function called HearCommand("Text string"); this command tells speech recognition that eat just heard the string defined in the command. It has also other usefull commands that alow for example dictate to chat.

Originally Posted by Beginning of my script file
# Voice commands for Star Trek Online gameclient

# Disable dictation on load to prevent keystrokes that are not commands

onLoad() := Dictation.DisableForApplication(gameclient);

# General commands
Chat <_anything> = {Enter} Wait(10) $1 {Enter}; # Say something in active chat
Reply <_anything> = {Backspace} Wait(10) $1 {Enter}; # Reply to a tell

# Space commands
Shield battery = HearCommand("Type Control one");
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# 132
12-26-2010, 12:05 PM
great post guys. just read all of this and will try it out.
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01-10-2011, 08:34 AM
I have a problem with the CTRL and ALT buttons. Can somebody give me a hint?

In WSRM I try to assign the Macro Alt+1. In the window of the WSRM editor it is explained to type for this "{{ALT}}1". Well, in the game only the button"1" is activated, when i shout the command. Same Problem actually with all my macros, which are more than one button. -.-

By the way, maybe it is some sort of hint,
I'm using a german keyboard and the german keyboardpattern, but not for the game. Could this be the error?
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01-21-2011, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by Shin0
Are you still using the default key-bindings? For example, Ctrl or Alt+#? I'm trying out Voice attack at the moment, however, it has some unforeseen complications. I've tried various hold down times from 0.0-1.0 seconds. Each time it would activate both Ctrl/Alt+# and the #; eg. both skills are activated in slots Ctrl+6 and 6.
I've been fine-tuning my VoiceAttack commands and I had to add some pauses to my commands to get them to work with my system. Here's an example of firing my tachyon beam:

Tachyon beam
Say, 'Engaging tachyon beam'
Press down ALT key
Pause 0.02 seconds
Press 3 key and hold for 0.02 seconds and release
Pause 0.02 seconds
Release ALT key

I hope this works for you.
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07-01-2011, 02:42 PM
For those having issues with using the Alt and Ctrl keys, you can use the emulateRecognition command instead of sendKeys. This command is the same as if you spoke the commands into the mic. It works best if you use the phonetic alphabet. For example:

<emulateRecognition>Press Control Sierra</emulateRecognition>

will press Ctrl S


<emulateRecognition>Press Alt Function1</emulateRecognition>

will press Alt F1


edit: oops... this thread is a little old... but still pertinent. Wishy, can this be stickied?
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# 136
07-01-2011, 09:53 PM
no this is the macro for contacting support after a major bug sets you back 3 hours
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# 137
05-28-2012, 11:52 AM
I know this post is a little old but I still think that having Voice commands on STO is something that is very applicable to STO and its something that a lot of players dont even know is possible!

With myself, I spent a few hours gathering some STO computer voice samples and then got rid of the lower quality ones and now, I have about 25 that are very good quality and ready to be used.

If your running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you can set up voice commands free*. All you will need to do is to click Start, Control Panel, Speech recognition, then train your computer. Spend a while making sure that your P.C understands you properly***

Then click this following Microsoft Link to download Windows Speech Recognition Macros*
After you've done those 2 steps then your ready to start making them! Its literally very easy. If you click the WSR (Windows Speech Recognition) Macro icon, then click security and make a certificate - just click O.K basically. Then to make a new macro: click New Speech Macro, then advanced, then you will have a box pop up. In here I have an example of what I've used:
<listenFor>Repair Ship</listenFor><sendKeys>32</sendKeys><run command="E:\STO\Voice\Link Established.wav"/>

<listenfor> means what you want to say
<sendkeys> means the keys to press when you say it
<run command> means the sound file you want to use to acknowledge that its gone through.

Thats it! Its very responsive and immersive*** On Star trek, with the talking to the computer throughout every series, now you can quite literally do it do for your Star Trek - STO

(This message is on 2 posts to bring attention to the newer players in case they didnt reliase the facility of voice commands are available)
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05-29-2012, 05:08 PM
Part 2 -

I'd say the most difficult thing to do is to get all of the .wav files that you'll need so what I've done is built the list up, then downloaded another free application called Goldwave, then I went though every sound and got rid of the background noise like the warp core etc. Here is a site which has the most comprehensive library that I've found so far...

Failing that, you can take advantage of nearly 2 days work for me and use the one I've made, they're all at about half of the potential volume so they're not too loud whilst playing STO Please click Link Below:

Click to get files from my Google Docs Account

Downloads are free and you dont need to open a google docs account so enjoy
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