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01-30-2010, 03:14 AM
First, I just want to say how awesomely terrible it is to see so many QQ and whiner threads on the forums just a day after early release. This game just like any other MMO (WoW freakin included) takes some ramp up time. The Devs need CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from the community in order to further tweak the game to perfection. And yes the content is going to be a little lax right off the bat. Don't expect endgame content similar to WoW for at least a couple year. Again, even WoW had to ramp up it's content before it really became the success it is today.

Anyways, QQers aside. I'd like to just say thus far the game has been terribly awesome. The progression is pretty easy and straight forward. I see the Devs did a good job of adjusting the scaling on missions so I wasn't getting destroyed 5 seconds into a fight because there was 10 Klingon ships vs. the 4 of us in the zone (point man always get's the focus fire /cry) So yeah, right now this game is actually running well and playing well. As long as Cryptic keeps up the tweaking to ensure customer satisfaction and also produces plenty of end game content, this should be a successful Sci-Fi MMO. Probably more so then EvE at least and definitely Star Wars Galaxies.

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