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11-05-2013, 06:43 PM
My rom tac uses the Fleet D'Deridex and the Fleet T'varo both are awesome. I bought the c-store T'varo so my sci uses it too, wicked little torpedo boat, I even bought the Tier-1 ship for the 2-piece consoles.

Scimitar is just wrong
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11-05-2013, 09:43 PM
One thing that i like about my Scimitar is i can fly it like an Escort or a Cruiser. The 5 and 3 weapon slots means you can put DHCs up front and turrets in the back or you can put 6-8 BAs on it and broadside. The turn rate might be a bit slow for PVP, but i'm just guessing since i dont PVP here. PVE is predictable though since most of the time you know where you have to be and when you have to be there.

I mostly PVE so unless the team doesnt know what they are doing the turn rate doesnt affect me much. My routine is mostly pre-planned and i am able to do my thing by myself, though one other person with me helps out a lot. In exchange for turn rate i gain a few minor things.

1 extra weapon slot
2 extra device slots
extra hull
extra shields
1 less eng console but two more tac consoles
1 pet hangar

The boff stations are also identical except for the ensign slot. Scimitars ensign boff slot is universal but in the Tvaro it is a tac slot. And both get the same LCdr universal slot and the rest are the same. I might get a Tvaro retrofit eventually just so i can try some in close cloak/hit and run to see if that makes me a bit more effective in PVE. I just started elites and sometimes i derp it up with the gateways or i get to close to the cubes in Cure. I think it's mostly pet aggro that gets transferred to me though so i've been putting them away in Cure.

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