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# 1 My list of Suggestions
01-30-2010, 04:02 AM
Some of these will seem petty, others will seem obvious.

1) Implement full autofire.
I really shouldn't have to explain it. there's ample threads for you to read on the matter.

2) Increase Skill Cap.
A skill cap is a good thing. but you've taken it too far.
8000 points at max level is too little. atleast give us three maxed skills of our choosing.

3) Klingon content.
you're probably already working on this, but I'm mentioning it, in case you're not.

4) Bridge content.
I never found a way to see myself sit in the captain's chair, for one.

5) Beaming down with weapons at the ready.
Even when entering Spacedock.. or even my own bridge.
The star trek crews never did that, unless they knew they were getting into a fight.

7) Shield graphics around ships.
they break immersion, so make us able to toggle them off. the GUI target indicator is enough, and actually more accurate in showing how much of their shields are left. for an example of how it would look.

8) Exploration zones/clusters need to be larger.
Not necessarily have more items in them... but right now, they feel claustrophobic and cramped.
Make them at least two - or preferably three times as large. you shouldn't have to become annoyed when you see another player in the area and think "aw darn, now he's gonna steal all my spawns".

Might be an idea to make the sectors larger as well. space shouldn't feel confining.
one way to do it would be to decrease the size of all ships to around half, and zoom in the camera so that they look the same size as now, but everything else in the zone seems twice as large.
(you'll still travel the same speed you did before, but now it will seem as if you're zooming around really fast, as you should).

9) let us toggle the sector-space grid lines...
let us choose to see all of them, only the borders, or none of them at all.

10) 'show only price-range X to Y'-toggle in the Exchange.
or a 'show only what I can afford'-toggle.
having to scroll through two pages of overpriced items, isn't fun.

11) when trying to move things to or from my inventory... sometimes it'll refuse to realize that I want to drag it.
I think it has to do with the tooltip for the item popping up the moment I click and drag.

12) when I click 'log out' it asks me if I want to go to the character-selection screen.
instead it takes me to the log in screen... and the cursor is set to my account-name, which is already filled in.
if the 'remember my account-name' is ticked, let the cursor go to the password field...
or, you know, actually take me where it tells me it's taking me.

13) let me disable the helpful new player hints (and the tutorial if possible).
I still get a yellow popup window in the lower-right corner of my screen whenever I go to the shipyard... even though I know exactly what I want to do, and how to do it. and I haven't found a way to turn it off yet.
perhaps you should make a hint-window for that as well?

14) Sometimes, during episodes... I'll want to explore the zone
but after having finished the mission objective. I get told "we need to warp [somewhere] now!"
saying "not now" sometimes makes you unable to continue with the mission... so, even if you seem some enticing loot just outside of grabbing distance, you're afraid of saying 'hold on'...
when we finish a mission, or a part of a mission. let us take the next step in our own time. give us a button to click similar to the "Take Items"-button.. except called "Mission", or preferably "Ops".

15 Forum layout.
We need subforums for the characterclasses and/or shipclasses.
Engineering, Tactical, Science & Cruiser, Escort, Science Vessel.
also one subforum for PvE and one for PvP might be a good idea.

That's it, for now.
Apologies to anyone who read this and was not happy about having done so.

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