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good afternoon,

i did not proof if the problem exists with STO yet.

when starting

anno 1404
dargon age origins

and the game comes fullscreen i get a blackscreen and the .exe hangs up. i found out that everything works with nvidia 186.18, but here i read i could get better performance with newer driver. i got a good computer, and there do exist situations where STO got very low fps for me. i do know this is due to many players, but i got a weak laptop, and even there the game runs faster.

so before i update my driver an see that even sto does not work on my system now, i need help with finding out why there are these blackscreens.
i tried to disable aero, and set some .ini entries of that other games, but nothing seem to work.

any ideas?

AMD Phenom X4 9850 4x 2.5 GHz, 8GB PC6400 CL 4, MSI K9N2 Diamond, Asus ENGTX285 & Samsung T260HD @ 1920*1200, SB X-Fi Extreme Audio PCIe, Antec 900, 5x Samsung 250GB Raid5, Win 7 Ultimate 64

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