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# 1 I keep freezing up
01-30-2010, 06:28 AM
Hi all,

I do not know what has changed with the latest release but since the headstart has arrived i do nohing but freeze up.
It does appear like i have bad lag, everything just stops moving except my weapons fire then i either see server is not responding message, i get disconnected from account server or everything moves along trying to catch up.

It's mainly happening in space combat, ground for now appears to be fine.. happens a lot in pvp and it's frustrating me to hell because i can't do anythin.

Net appears fine and when it's happening i can browse ok.
I have tried using nvidia drivers 190, 195 and the newer 196 but this still causes me an issue.

I will say that during OB i did not have this issue at all.

Any help or ideas?
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# 2
01-30-2010, 06:41 AM
I Think They Screwed something up after Beta.I had hardly any Problems with Lag during Beta now it seems i can play a little while then The Rubber Banding starts and it's almost unplayable.Not as Bad as Freezing but still unplayable.If You're getting the Server Not responding Message.It's probably not Your Graphics Card.I believe there is something terribly wrong with the Server.They said during beta They had new Servers on the way.I wonder if They've Installed those yet?
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# 3 Freezing
01-30-2010, 10:13 AM

i know what you mean, I'm getting the same. It was fine in the OB.. great in fact. Since the head start began I can play for maybe 5 minutes and then it freezes. If I CTRL+ALT+DEL and launch the task manager and then switch back to the gam it unfreezes and is ok again for a while and then i locks up again. It's very frustrating. It seems to happen mostly in space battles but also sometimes on ground missions. I tend to find it happens when I'm rotating the camera view....

I have a EVGA780i board and a GTX285. I flashed my Motherbaord bios last night and put in the latest nvidia drivers but it's no better.

C'mon guys please give us some feedback on this it's VERY annoying !


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