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# 1 Looking for a fleet
01-30-2010, 08:11 AM
We are a group of 6 friends looking for a fleet to call home.

We are looking for a mature (most of us watched the show on TV the 1st time), freindly, no drama, light RP group.

Group should have:
  • Ventrilo or Teamspeak
  • Website with forums
  • an already established membership base
  • Nice if fleet has a "Klingon side" too

Please PM me.

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# 2
01-30-2010, 08:21 AM
PM on the way
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# 3
01-30-2010, 08:33 AM
hello and welcome to the sto forums. we at the 4th fleet are pretty much everything you said and alot more. mostly we are mature, friendly, courteos and active. all your friends and yourself are welcome to apply at you can read our history and structure along with basics about what is expected of a member at
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# 4
01-30-2010, 08:47 AM
Hi Nick,

PM has been sent, but I know during OB, mail was wonky, so here is my standard message for you just in case

We can definitely meet all of your needs quite nicely, and in fact have recruited two similar "groups" of friends recently. Our fleet roster is around 65 now, so you should always have someone online to talk to.

I am Letum Omnis, of TCON (The Consortium). You may wish to give our group a look. We are made up of a group of mature gamers, and are a"family style" group, without any specific time requirements.

Just a glimpse of some of the things we can offer:
  1. We are extremely well organized, with command structure, ranks, and advancement in place.
  2. Clearly identified means of promotion within the fleet that corresponds with the in game ranking structure.
  3. Fun, family friendly atmosphere.
  4. Global member base (U.S., UK, NZ), so we typically will have someone on at all times.
  5. Seven (7) year history together in various MMO's, and have accomplished much in our previous MMO's
  6. A nice mix of folks who RP. So if you enjoy that, we can offer it as well.
  7. Close knit group of folks who are willing to go the extra mile to help you out, and make you feel at home.
  8. We have vent, and forums.

I suggest heading over to our primary recruting thread and our forums for more information, and see what you think. If you think we are a good fit, then feel free to contact me here, on our forums, or in game.

My in game name is the same as my signature. (Letum Omnis@flakk)

Links to our webpage and primary recruiting thread are in my signature.
(Contain additional information)

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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# 5
01-30-2010, 08:48 AM
PM sent as requested, good luck on your search.
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# 6
01-30-2010, 01:18 PM
Thanks for all the replies. I should have said that we are in Central time zone as well as some in Europe. Many of us have been playing together since SWG in its "hay day".
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# 7
01-30-2010, 01:34 PM
Our guild/fleet doesn't recruit heavily, we tend to take in friends we've known for a bit, maybe people who've grouped up with us a few times or hang out on vent a little. I will recommend Rogue Angels though, they were our allies on Age of Conan.
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# 8
01-30-2010, 01:45 PM
I'd say PM me in game - but it depends if the server's up here's out link - we are little at the mo, have played in SWG, ***, Warhammer (as Fallen Wilder), EQ2, LOTR, champions (as Lobo Brigada) and are here as Nova Squad.
good luck and happy gaming
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# 9
01-30-2010, 01:50 PM
19th Federation Starfleet is currently recruiting members, we have 5 members including 1 ingame arleady. We also have a Ventrilo server, Website, Web Forums, and a community that has had guilds in at least 3 other games including SWG, Secondlife, and Lord of the Rings online. Our group is mainly from the United States, but we have freinds from all over the world. We focus on PvE and light Roleplay. We are also looking for members to help build the Fleet and plan events.

Vice Admiral, 19th Federation Starfleet
Director of Tactical Operations

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