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anything in be tween.

first off background.....

UK RESIDENT <devon to be exact>

ISP = Vergin Media 10MB <comes in at 9.71>


AMD Athlon 6000+
Nvidia 9800GTX + 512mb
4 gig DDR2 ram
Win XP <32 bit>
Azus Motherboard.

NOt the best machine in the world but aint the worst either,

Now since this morning 8am uk time I have read sooo many people complaining to CRYPTIC about unstable servers getting dc'ed horendus lag ect ect..


I have had no LAG accept in starbase 21 mission <when all the ships spawn 1-3 secs tops>, I have NOT been kicked ONCE.

Now it might be im on a different server <OH WAIT ITS ALL THE SAME SERVER> or it could be YOUR ISP or your trying to run the game at settings that make your graphics card wish it was playing pacman.

So instead of bashing cryptic all the time do the following..........

Check the following links................

To test roughly how well your system will run STO go here <chances are alot of you that have probolems will fall between min and recomended settings>

Then if that checks out check your internet here........

And do it your nearest HUB for me its maidenhead and comes in at 9.71.

Now the way I understand it is that it goes from my comp to maidenhead to where ever the server is <with a detour or two>

Now if Both your net and comp are upto scratch then PHONE cryptic and ask them if there is anything that can be done, it could be that cryptic are sending the stream through lets say BT's patch of grass and there causing the issue so cryptic can then see about re routing the stream.

This used to happen a bit in WoW, the stream would be going through an area and have probolems because of maintenence within that area witch was beyond blizz controll but once made aware of it just simply found another route.

And remember this is head start for a BRAND NEW MMO theres gonna be a few kinks in the line to start with just be thankfull they invented cable or else we would all still be on 64k dial ups. . <shudder>

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