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# 1 Better ships in C-store
11-01-2013, 06:25 PM
So, what i feel is that ships in C-store are bit better than those on the game. They have better boff slots and most have more console slots or come with special console.

Would you not say that C-store items and game items should be equal in game mechanics?

My suggestion to correct this wrong is to let player use single ship token per character for single starship from c-store, just for that character, not account wide.

This should also be available only for gold members. I just think that few bonuses which dont do much difference, veteran rewards and 500zen a moth alone is enough worth 16eur a moth. Still i pay that to try and support the game to stay alive as i love Star Trek and while this is far from perfect Star Trek game, id like to have it around for long.
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# 2
11-02-2013, 07:06 PM
True, that the C-Store ships have a minor advantage above the ''Free'' ships. And it's really minor. Though you can get a more special ship, not available through normal play, that is what I paid and supported the game for. (Form up enough Dilithium, buy Zen and buy a C-Store ship that way)

C-store ships can in general be obtained in a equal, or better version through fleet shipyards. Again, it's not all ships, but I still paid money for a special item.

600 day Veterans also get a free Vice Admiral Ship Token.

The rewards are fine as it is. I do not want more, nor less.
Lifer myself, buying Zen almost every month and I'm apparently very happy for the 45 Eur deal. Why should I keep paying just to see everybody that does not, get what they want for free?

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