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It has been a long time coming, but we have begun our Tier 5 Projects. The Tier 5 Communications Array was successfully completed last week and within hours, the Tier 5 Shipyard Project was started and on cool down.

We have come a long way since loosing the original Caspian Division due to a disgruntled player who had been demoted from Fleet Leader since he had not played the game in some period of time. That player using devious means would boot everyone out of not only our Federation Fleet, but the Klingon Fleet as well.

But that is water under the bridge and Caspian Rising, like a Phoneix from the ashes of it's destruction has reached Tier 5 and is working towards completing what was taken from so many of us long ago in April 2013.

We cannot thank the community enough for the effort that so many had shown giving us critical boosts in both Material, Energy Credits, Fleet Marks and yes even critical Dilithium to get Star Base Phoneix over those "humps" that seemed so daunting.

There were lessons learned of course, both by us and Cryptic. The "Fail Safe's" now built into the Fleet Leadership Area now prevents the delibert and wanton act that befell the original Caspian Division.

We project to be fully Tier 5 by November of 2014 if not by the 1st week of December that will truely for us be a really big Christmas Present.

We have cleaned up the roster, making room for growth again so those seeking an experienced fleet who has seen and experienced the worst that could happen and return to continue its growth, give us a look.

Check us out at WWW.CASPIAN-DIVISION.COM and do stay tuned for announcements concerning our "topping" of the Base when we complete that final step.

Again thanks to all of the community for you help and your generosity. It is what makes Star Trek Online unique and friendly. While there will always be some bad apple wankers, there will be those that will stand ready to help bring one out of the adversity that has befallen one.

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