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To help you decide on which Fleet to join, we would like to provide you some good information to help you make an informed choice. Here is the basic ranking and management structure of the VKF:

Matrix Management: There are two chains of command, both headed by Fleet Admiral Kuhr:
The first chain is modeled after the STO ranking system. We use Vulcan names for the ranks.

When you first join the VKF, you are assigned Cadet status, and your rank is Ne-lan. You will be promoted once you have chosen a career path and have taken the time to learn and understand a bit about the Fleet, and have provided some contribution to the Fleet. Think of Ne-lan as the tutorial part of STO.

Officer Ranks are roughly equivalent to the STO ranks:
Ot-lan = Lieutenant
Tra-lan = Lieutenant Commander
Zhel-lan = Commander
Khart-lan = Captain
Halitra-lan = Admiral

You will progress through these ranks based on your demonstrated performance. This includes providing value on this forum through posting, posting on the VKF Recruitment thread in the STO forum, and in-game performance. VKF Officers see a need, and they fill it. VKF Officers help each other, and respect each other. VKF Officers are trustworthy, honest, and logical, among many other positive traits. We do not flame, we do not gank, camp, grief, or in any way diminish the enjoyment of STO for anyone else, other than by defeating our enemies with dispatch. We share our Intel and game tips with each other. We respect and work with our allies. We answer all Federation Distress Calls.

Your officer rank above is managed by the career Chief Officer. Each Fleet member chooses a career path (Tactical, Engineering, or Science) and reports to the Chief Tactical Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, or Chief Science Officer for career guidance. You also gather and report to the career Chief Officer any information and Intel on in-game activity including game mechanics, tactics and strategy, mission aspects, location of resources and new discoveries, etc. The career Chief Officers will organize this information along with that from other Fleet members and provide it on their thread so all may benefit.

Separate from the above ranking structure, is the chain for designated 'area of responsibility' assignments. These are exclusive of the above ranking, in that even a junior officer may be assigned an area of responsibility, given demonstrated performance, capability, and desire - the needs of the Fleet take precedence as determined by the Vulcan High Council. You should note that being offered a Command position entails a significant contribution to the Fleet, so your rank above will be affected by the valuable contributions you make as a leader in one or more of these positions.

These areas of responsibility currently include:

Fleet Admiral
VKF Ambassador to Other Fleets
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Wing Marshall
Battle Group Commander
Task Force Commander
Strike Team Leader

The Fleet Admiral is Admiral Kuhr, who is our V'las, our Administrator of the High Command, and Head of the Fleet and of the Vulcan High Council. The Ambassador position is our forward face to our allies and potential allies, this position negotiates alliances and treaties on behalf of the Fleet. The Chief [Career] Officers are in charge of career development for all Fleet members in their career path.

The remaining positions are primarily in-game group Commanders. Currently we have one Battle Group Command (for PvP) and one Task Force Command (for PvE), as well as any number of Strike Teams (both PvP and PvE) - all of these need leaders who can leverage the strengths of individual players in all career fields to create a force that will accomplish all missions, win all battles, and help each other in engagements. The leaders selected for these positions will have the honor of naming their Wing, Group, Force, or Team - choose wisely (there is a handy Vulcan-English dictionary at

These positions may be supplemented by additional positions as the Fleet requires. We expect our Officers to make their qualifications and command aspirations known up-front, so that the Vulcan High Council can assess and make the right assignments.

If you desire a position of responsibility, we have a position for you. Join the VKF! Live Long and Prosper!
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Good night Fleet. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Even if you aren't Vulcan, if you appreciate logic, join the VKF. If you like working with Fleet-mates who will watch your back and give you tips, join the VKF. If you play at odd hours like our worldwide members do, join the VKF. If you like medium RP, enjoy either casual or hardcore gaming, PvE or PvP (or both), join the VKF. If you aspire to all the higher qualities of the Federation...guess what? Join us!

And lastly, if you have a superior intellect, why aren't you already in the VKF with the rest of us?

Visit us at and see what you can gain by affiliating with the most formidible Fleet in the quadrant. Live Long and Prosper!
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04-24-2010, 05:24 AM
Good morning Fleet.
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Fleet Bump
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The VKF is growing quickly, but there are still a number of open positions in leadership. If you are an experienced leader in MMOs, if you enjoy helping others, or if you just want to be involved in the management of a Fleet, look us over!

Visit us at

Some info to help you decide:

We are medium RP. We respect RL considerations and don't enforce constant group activity. We only require that you provide valuable contributions to the Fleet, in terms of information on gameplay, career progression, mission tips, resource hints, and any other information that you or any other Fleet member would find useful and helpful. Your Fleet-mates will help you with everything from basic concepts to complex tactics and battle strategy, to help you progress in the game and have a thoroughly enjoyable and enriched in-game experience.

We are worldwide and have players in many timezones. We actively pursue alliances with other Federation Fleets. Plus, we all game at varying schedules, so there's always a fleet member (or ally) available to team with in-game.

Our Fleet is organized for matrix management:

We have Four Wings:
Fleet Matters Wing
Administrative Wing
PvP Wing
PvE Wing

Our Fleet is headed by our Fleet Admiral, Sybok Kuhr.

Our Fleet Matters Wing is headed by our Fleet Admiral and is where we discuss game strategy and tactics, as well as internal Fleet Management and Leadership.

Our Administrative Wing is headed by our Fleet XO, and is where we discuss issues such as career progression, recruiting, foreign relations (including alliances with other Fleets), Intelligence, Fleet Forum management, and Supply.

Our PvP Wing is where our Battle Group Commanders and Strike Team leaders and Fleet members discuss PvP activity.

Our PvE Wing is where our Task Force Commanders and Patrol Team Leaders and Fleet members discuss PvE activity.

For most Fleet members, you will report to the officer in charge of your career field, plus the officer in charge of your PvP group, and the officer in charge of your PvE group. This matrix management is set up to help you progress in your career field, and enrich your in-game experiences in both PvP and PvE. Fleet members can choose whether to focus on PvP or PvE, or work both. Our PvP and PvE Wings are primarily for in-game activity, but you'll find lots of good information on their forums that can help you whether you are in group play or playing solo.

Fleet members can also rely on the officers of the Administrative Wing to assist them with all aspects of STO. You'll get good intel from the Chief Intelligence Officer, access to the Fleet Bank and lots of game resources from the Chief Supply Officer, and of course elp with your career field progression from your Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Science Officer, or Chief Tactical Officer.

We hope this information helps you to decide that the VKF is right for you. Visit today!
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Good afternoon VKF!
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Bumping VKF!
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What do you want from your Fleet?

Do you want to have mates who will watch your back and help you when you need it?
Do you want a rich experience in-game?
Do you want to fast-track your character, and find resources quickly?
Do you want to know what traits, skills and equipment are best for your character/career?

Part of our Fleet's activities is to plow through the mass of information on this forum, released by Cryptic, and available elsewhere. We cull the important information to create tight and informative game guide info and tips for each profession. It can take you many hours to go through everything on STO, trying to extract fact from conjecture. Let our forum at help you zero in on exactly what you need to advance quickly in STO. Of course, you must be a Fleet member to see this!

We are actively recruiting for like-minded individuals who crave the positive aspects of collaborative gameplay. We have a Ventrilo server in place, our members are world-wide, and you will always have a Fleet member available somewhere for support and group efforts. In group work, our Fleet coordination will be unparalleled, and we will decimate our enemies with dispatch. We will explore and discover everything STO has to offer, and share our findings with our Fleet members so all are enriched.

Join us and move into 2409 armed with the best Intel, the most specific and targeted body of knowledge about STO, and a group of Fleet-mates who will be there with you in the crunch. Live Long and Prosper!
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Good afternoon Fleet-mates.

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