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06-08-2011, 02:11 PM
Cool. I did just send you a PM.
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If you've got the logic, if you've got the intellect, and if you've got the drive to get all of what Cryptic is offering in Star Trek Online, then perhaps all you need are Fleetmates to explore the galaxy with, and a good information source. Both can be had at the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet, a light RP, casual, and friendly little fleet of Captains who are getting the most enriching game experience possible.

Come see us at the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet and see if we are what you need to get the most out of STO.

Live Long and Prosper.
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With well over 50 Fleets in STO, you may find it difficult to decide which is the right Fleet for you. There are several tools that can help you out, including Trace_Thorne's Fleet listing, and RogeRabbit's Fleet database at

Or simply warp over to The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet - logic dictates that if you are reading this, you are considering the VKF - and we have prepared our Home section to give you enough data to make an informed choice.

Our Fleet is strong and is growing quickly. We are very light RP, have a TeamSpeak3 server at your disposal, and our members enjoy teaming to enrich the gameplay for everyone. We are Vulcans and other races who embrace logic and (in 2409) the use of controlled emotion to decisively win battles and protect the Federation. We ally with other Federation Fleets to expand teaming possibilities in-game, and have a worldwide membership of avid STO gamers who have high interest in game mechanics, strategy and tactics, and team coordination so that each member plays to their unique character and ship strengths. We have members who specialize in crafting, others who enjoy Tribble breeding, and others who have rolled new characters simply to be able to team on an even footing with new people to STO and new members. We enjoy discovering new features (and well-hidden old features!) of STO, and are actively discussing a number of subjects including skill point distribution, crafting and breeding tips, ship selection, and specific career field tips. We have a discussion area for Engineering, one for Science and one for Tactical as well as a "Main Hall" for discussions that are common to all career fields and/or don't fit in any of our other sub-forum categories.

Follow your logic to The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet and join us - the quadrant needs your help to protect Federation interests!
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It is a sticky subject. Haven't you found yourself in the Crystalline Catastrophe, and players are pew-pewing all over the place, and someone's yelling "fire on my mark!" and another's saying "don't hit the shards!" and it's all a bunch of confusion - by the time you got it to 24%, someone comes along and boom - heals it back to 96%.

Haven't you found yourself in a pickup group and a high-ranker sweeps thru the auto-team and snags all the stuff? Sure you get skill points and the mission accomplishment reward, but did you get out of the mission what you really wanted?

Haven't you worked your butt off to get to a decent rank so you can play that tough mission and get the really good stuff, only to find that someone else is running circles around you, already knows where all the drops are (and gets to them while you're still getting the mission objectives) and then drops out of the mission leaving you with the mob?

And haven't you teamed with 'friends' who you've teamed with before, and yet you still feel that you just aren't clicking with them, they don't seem to know you or care what you can do, much less let you do it?

Yah. Collaborative gameplay ain't any of those. It is when your team members are trying to help you get the experience you need, the equipment (loot) you need so that you can survive the really tough missions, so that you can get as much out of the mission as your character and level should. It's when they care as much about your advancement as you do - in the game, in your career field, in everything.

Let me tell you about My Fleet:

My Fleetmates are more motivated to help me get my next rank than I am! My team members are keeping me alive so I can continue to fight, and then passing on the loot so I can get good stuff for my toon! My wingman just exposed the enemy and then held him in a tractor so my dual-cannons could blast him so easily! Or My Tac team member asked me to scramble sensors for him, then finished him off, and later passed me that Mark VIII very rare item I really needed to boost my effectiveness.

That's collaborative gameplay - everybody wins, and everybody gets what they want out of the game - not at the expense of someone else. Rather than winners and losers, there are winners and winners - folks who helped you get there, and who take pride in your accomplishments. Not only have they made a stalwart friend for life, but when the time comes, you'll do anything for them just like they'll do anything for you. That's collaborative gameplay.

I truly hope that you get the chance to see these wonderful things that I have experienced as a member of the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. I've seen old friends like Phoenix_Lord, T'Kota, Raw, Daho, Maqogh, Jonathon_Davis, Qtec, Mal Caine, VetRaptor, Serena, Tinead, Yashnaheen, Urie, and Vishion do those things. And today I'm seeing new fleetmates like Dollan and Cthulhu Fhtagn do them. And I'm leaving a ton of gamers out (sorry!) or this post would be a total wall.

That's what the VKF is, it's friends helping each other to get the most out of STO. It's team members who would rather heal you than burn down another True Way. It's Fleet-mates who will always have your back, and who will be on your side when the chips are down - VL or RL.

The value is uncountable. The comraderie is awesome. The friendship is permanent. The VKF is these things and more. Visit the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet and see if we are what you are looking for. I can tell you that for me, the VKF is home.

Live Long and Prosper.
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06-09-2011, 08:56 AM
I would like to fill a few people in on our small fleet. We are fun, easy going, driven and friendly. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of doing things, but thatís what makes us great.

Anyone in our fleet is happy to help others when needed, in almost any aspect of the game. We have a fleet TeamSpeak3 that we use not just for the game but to hang out as well.

If anyone wants information on the [VKF] donít hesitate to contact me or any of our members.

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# 3996 What is the VKF?
06-09-2011, 10:15 AM
The VKF is not just a Fleet of Vulcans, but a Fleet of individuals (of any race or background) who value logic in the performance of STO missions, PvP action, and teamwork with other STO gamers. VKF members are known to be honorable and supportive team-mates with anyone, and both honorable and fearsome enemies to those who oppose the Federation.

We have learned from the Earthmen the value of controlled emotion, we have learned from the Klingons the value of honor in battle, and we have learned from ourselves to prize our logic and intellect as we forge through 2409 with our allies and our Fleet-mates.

Join us and experience the best that STO can offer. Visit The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet
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06-09-2011, 10:54 AM
I'm glad to have joined this fleet. They've got a great website and friendly staff. Happy to be aboard!
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06-09-2011, 11:29 AM
We are actively recruiting for like-minded individuals who crave the positive aspects of collaborative gameplay. We have a TeamSpeak3 server in place but do not require you to use it if you don't want to. Our members are world-wide, and you will always have a Fleet member available somewhere for support and group efforts. In group work, our Fleet coordination strives to be unparalleled, and we will decimate our enemies with dispatch. We will explore and discover everything STO has to offer, and share our findings with our Fleet members so all are enriched.

I am sure you are looking for a fleet to join that will no doubt be a fleet of activity, dedication and a certain degree of maturity. Within the [VKF], you will find all of those things and so much more. Our fleet becomes more and better coordinated with each passing day. You can guarantee that this fleet is going far in the STO universe and you would be wise to join us for a fun and active environment. Be it PvE you are interested in or even PvP, we will have what best suits you.

Although I say our fleet is dedicated, it also realizes that everyone has lives as well, so therefore when you need to take the time, you don't need to be concerned about losing your position within the fleet. We do not discriminate against such things because we understand ourselves that sometimes real life issues can interfere and some time is needed to sort it out again.

Not only would the VKF be a stable fleet to join, it would be one that would give you an experience you will never soon forget nor wish to be parted from. You will find yourself pleased you joined our fleet.

Part of our Fleet's activities is to plow through the mass of information on this forum, released by Cryptic, and available elsewhere in many divergent locations. We cull the important information to create tight and informative game guide info and tips for each profession.

It can take you many hours to go through everything on STO, trying to extract fact from conjecture. Let our forum at The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet help you zero in on exactly what you need to advance quickly in STO. Of course, you must be a Fleet member to see this!

Live long and prosper!
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06-09-2011, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by VulcanVixen
I'm glad to have joined this fleet. They've got a great website and friendly staff. Happy to be aboard!
Thank you Vulcan Vixen. We do our best.
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06-09-2011, 12:51 PM
The following is a bit of detailed information about our Fleet, how we operate in-game, and...the why of VKF. There are lots of recruiting messages that simply say, join us! This isn't one of them. This note is intended to provide you with what you need to know about the VKF so you can make an informed decision for Fleet Affiliation.

First, why affiliate with a Fleet at all? You may ask yourself can't I have a good in-game experience without belonging to a Fleet? My answer is that, while you can have lots of fun by yourself (actually with your NPC BOs and other NPC elements), an MMO is truly enhanced by collaborative/cooperative game play. MMOs are designed to give you more fun by interacting with other players - you can accomplish or achieve more in the game with more people. Having other brains working on the same problem will nearly always yield a better solution than without.

Second, why not wait, see how you like the game and then decide which Fleet to choose? My answer to this most of us will want to spend our available time in-game, accomplishing missions, participating in battles, and exploring. You should do your research to find the right Fleet that fits you, but then get involved and get in-game Ė you will be much better off. You will have people to give you good tips on how to play STO and maximize your time, people to play alongside who can share drops (loot) and get you good equipment quickly, and people who will have the answers to the myriad questions everyone has who starts playing STO. It will take you a long time to find all the answers on your own, and a lot of that searching is needless Ďgrindingí. Why not spend more of your in-game time doing the most enjoyable aspects of STO?

At this point, you are probably trying to figure out what are our Fleet values, goals and objectives, how they will operate, and what you can expect to gain from affiliation with the VKF. That's the primary info that you need to make a truly informed decision about whether to join us, or some other Fleet. So without further ado...

The VKF's goal is to enrich in-game experiences for all our Fleet members. We do this by providing (aka sharing) valuable Intel to our members on game mechanics, location of resources, strategies for skill-building and ranking up, and extensive collaborative game play coordination. We get valuable info through our Fleet members, who channel information to the specific areas of our forum - and we organize the forum so you can find the info you need quickly. We organize our in-game group play to leverage the specific skills and abilities of each Fleet member. We have (but donít require you to use) a TeamSpeak3 server for voice chat that helps with in-game coordination Ė a lot! We donít force a lot of specific actions on our Fleet members, we only ask that you share your knowledge with us, and team with us in-game, everything else is optional and all of this is at your convenience.

The VKF is a light RP Fleet engaging in strong PvE and medium PVP game play, with these missions:
Our Fleet is organized using matrix management. Fleet Chief Officers manage the three career progressions, and collect career advancement info to help folks rank up quickly, gain resources, etc. In addition, all Fleet members can report to one or more Battle Group (PVP) or Task Force (PVE) Commands for coordinated group play in-game. Our BG/TF Commanders (would you like to vie for one?) leverage the strengths of members from all the career paths to build and deploy hard-hitting and highly effective teams. We believe that coordinated Fleet action in both PVP and PVE environments enhances both the individual game experience and the 'spoils of war'. We believe that away missions will be much more successful and enjoyable if you often go dirt-side with other Starship Captains rather than your junior BOs all the time.

Our membership is world-wide, and although we are not huge (yet) - the reality is that there are almost always Fleet members online when you are - mates to help out in the crunch. English is the lingua franca, although we sprinkle Vulcan words and phrases in liberally for RP. RL always takes precedence, but with our membership and alliances, there are always plenty of gamers to play with. We accommodate both hard-core and casual gamers, and will use whatever talent we our members have to their mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our command structure is designed to get the best out of all Fleet members while giving them enriched game-play and access to the best Intel for resources and skill-point building.

Our rank structure follows STO in general, plus we use our Vulcan ranking structure (Ot-lan, Tra-lan, etc.) for hierarchy inside the Fleet, and titles for area of responsibility (like Chief Science Officer, BG Commander, etc.) for coordination of Fleet action and activity.

We have openings for experienced MMO toon leaders and organizational leaders (in STO we're using BG/TF Commanders, Strike Force Leaders, Mission Commanders, etc.). We aren't overly focused on promotion for its' own sake, but more for getting the right people with the right skills in the right positions to get the best performance in-game out of our Fleet members. If you want to rank up and/or gain positions of authority in the VKF, please apply your skills in the STO and VKF forums as well as in-game, and have no doubt that you will earn the rewards you want and justly deserve.

Even if you are new to MMOs in general, or group play, the VKF has a place for you, and will help you go much further and faster than you could on your own. Our objective is for every member of the VKF to have the most fun and engaging game experience possible. We donít require everyone to take on Fleet responsibilities, just enjoy playing STO with your Fleet-mates.

You should by all means check out other Fleets if you want to really make a truly informed choice. We think that if you've read this far, you've probably already looked a few over, and with the info above, should be ready to make a choice. Choose VKF!

Feel free to visit our forum at The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. Once you join our Fleet, you will have access to (and will contribute towards) salient information that you and we all need to enjoy STO to the fullest. Live Long and Prosper!

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