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When completing a Mission in Space (mostly right after fighting an enemy ship) you get the Pop Up window with your Bridge Officer or an Com Contact telling you how good you were, that the mission is completed and the option to Warp out.
I find that's kinda annoying because i mostly still have loot out there to pick up or anomalies to scan so i always have to click "Not now" and minimize that window.
Would it be possible to give us an Option to choose to just get the minimized version showing a incomming message?
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01-30-2010, 04:35 AM
I'd like to expand on this a bit. I'd like to see the comm officer's window moveable in the hud. i hate these updates to the mission popping up - center screen - while i'm in the middle of a space battle. If it can't be minimized as OP asked, at least let us choose the screen location where it displays, thanks.
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01-30-2010, 10:20 AM
lets just get down to the nitty gritty....

95% of pop ups/confirms need to go.

To finish a mission usually takes me 3 -- count them 3 -- pop-ups/confirms to leave. They all ask the same thing depart system?.

I am going to do a video I think and show just what a popup confirm pain it is just to dock at a station.

I know as a gamer I wont want to be playing this game in 2 months with all that crap still in it.
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01-30-2010, 12:48 PM

u are absolutely right. They have all to go. Especially the PvP-Arena one. I HATE it to close it every time. God damn it. Make it like it was in the closed beta!

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