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Its simple I really want a Fleet Retrofit K'Tinga but 4 ship modules are simply too expensive. So I want to know if I buy the "non-fleet" retrofit version (for 200K Fleet Credits) will that reduce the number of Fleet Ship Modules required for the Fleet Version?

And I thank you for taking your time to help me find this answer...
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11-02-2013, 10:33 PM
It doesn't reduce the cost in fleet modules.
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11-02-2013, 11:37 PM
Most of the KDF Fleet ships are 4 FSM per character.

Unlike the Federation we can't buy a C-Store ship that discounts it.
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11-02-2013, 11:54 PM
The discount ONLY applies to ships that have a Tier 5 C-Store equivalent. In the case of the KDF, that means the Fleet Varanus and the Fleet B'rel. That's it. We'll get a third discountable ship in the form of the Fleet Kar'fi when it's released.

The KDF only has 4 Tier 5 C-Store ships. The B'rel Retrofit, the Bortas'qu, the Guramba Siege Destroyer, and the Kar'fi Battle Carrier. We were quite displeased when Cryptic didn't give us a Fleet Guramba or Fleet Kar'fi when the Fleet ships were first being released.
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11-03-2013, 12:43 AM
4 FSMs = 2000 zen, which is about the price you'd expect to pay for a Tier V c-store ship. Except fleet ships are better quality than their c-store equivalents (and in some cases, like the K't'inga, you don't even have a tier V version anyway). I don't really see the issue, as FSMs can be bought with EC and it's easier to farm for EC of that magnitude than it is to farm dilithium to convert to enough zen to buy a 2000 zen ship.

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