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this is my romulun T'varo ship build not sure is it's exactly right though but could use your help on this as I'd like to course more damage in PVE which I am having trouble with

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Use 2 damage control doffs for eptX cool down, 2 conn doffs for tactical team cool down and a gravimetric scientist doff for extra grav wells

And when you get the kinetic cutting beam, add it in the back

Your build was everywhere.

Chroniton torps in pve? Toss them
Single cannons? Toss em

Mix of beam, cannon, and torp skills? Needs a fixing
3 different teams? Stick to just tactical team.

You should get a Plasmonic leech to help get the amp on your core...

Added consoles you should strive for.

Any questions
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I have to agree with dahminus on your build. For a successful build you want to maximize your firing arc first. In your case go either full beam arrays, or full dual heavy cannons with turrets in the back with a torp thrown in somewhere. Because this is PVE you don't really need the spike damage, but I usually like to run a dual beam bank up front with a beam overload three backing it up. Really isn't much I can say that hasn't been stated above.
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I would go with all DHCs in the front with turrets and the borg beam in the back. For BOFFs:

assuming you are going for hit and run, else sub TBR for another TSS2
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11-12-2013, 03:46 PM
You would be better off with a escort/fleet Mogai with more hull and battle cloak. Your build fails to leverage the abilities of the enhanced battle cloak. The T'varo should be a torp and mine boat, and you should not be getting into prolonged dogfights with this ship. Go all transphasic torps front, adapted MACO or KHG, a mine of choice on back with a Breen Cluster Torp, Dispersal Pattern Beta, crit consoles, assimilated console, Rule 62 console, stay cloaked, and blow up your enemies with their shields at full and their hull at 0.
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