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started a new thread, the old thread had the wrong label for it

Noob Question: Space combat STO v Star Fleet Command 1 & 2

I played a TON of star fleet command where it was an online space combat game for the PC

the game "appears" to have the same concepts, with mines-shields-repairs-energy conversion-etc

No missles it looks like for the Klingon's so i guess that heavy cruiser with the dual missle bay that could tractor at 2 or 3 while going full speed might not work ;p (i generally played Romulan with the sparrowhawk or the heavy cruiser nicely equiped for 249 points i forget what it was called

ANYWAY back on topic, my question is this: I want to spec out a pure combat based avatar, efficent at PvP because that is what i care most about and specifically space PvP - was thinking human based on the reseach that i did - where do i want to put my specs to be able to fly similarly to star fleet battles

I know this will have more options based on skills etc, which sounds great, but i am assuming the basics are the same? Just got headstart key and have to wait to get off work to play so some help would be great

also are the ship classes somewhat similar? Do i want to be flying a heavy cruiser? Those were almost always the best ships in the other game, unless you had some support for a dreadnaught or were really good, dreadnaughts turned awful and could get ran circles around by a good player

Also from what i read you do not get a set point alotment and have the ability to switch control between multiple ships, you only can pilot one ship?

I like heavy firepower, good manuverability, i can handle a little bit weaker shields as long as i can get a good energy reserve to repair them with good flying, i prefer to have front firing weapons versus side, and like to use mines -- Is Tractoring to stablize then wailing on someone still a great tactic 1v1? or is the tracion beam going to equally as effective for getting the shields down?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
01-30-2010, 07:54 AM
Extremely similar. You can tell where the inspiration comes from.
Skills are different.
There is no "ultimate" ship per factions.
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01-30-2010, 11:04 AM
any other sfc players out there that have some ideas they can related to me using sfc as a base comparision

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