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# 1 constant disconects
01-30-2010, 10:53 AM
this is a quailty of game issue.

ye i've seen the countless other threads and decided the best way to approach this is by making yet another one so that cryptic can see how bad this problem is.

the problem:
click the little starfleet badge on my desktop oo yes i'm off to fly a ship and shoot phasers at everything that i can it cheers me up, but wait i can't even get past log in area.

i can't even get to see my characters.

on the random chance i am able to get past the character selection phase i get diconected from log in server account server game server pick one it's random as you like and then have to wait an age for the damn thing to go back to log in again i repeat this proccess about 13 times and there i am sat in sol's star base.

yay it's great i'm online beam to ship...dc'd ffs

repeat the above process of countless relogs and get to my ship in the sol system after about 30 min.

ok i've got a ton of missions to do i'd best get on with it, clicks warp to sector space...dc'd ffs not again.

repeat the login procedure above that takes another 30 min of diconnecting.

i get in yay i'm in sector space it's all plain sailing here cruising around at warp 7.34 in the direction of the neutral zone for a mission at k7 avoiding combat along the way as i'm fearfull of another dc.

i approach the deepspace warp area that takes me to the sector deepspace k7 is in and realise i'm going to have to click that warp button that makes me change zones....a chill runs up my spine as i mouse over the button as i know full well whats to come.

i press my mouse button ever so gently so as not to agrivate the game in anyway..wham dc ffs not again.

you may have to scroll up to see the repeatable relog procedure at this point which takes another 30 min...wait shouldn't i have done these missions by now? shouldn't i already be several class ranks higher than i am...well i bloody well would be if i could get past the login screen.

i am well aware that the game is new and there will be issues but this issue of dc's is an issue that needs resolved today now...not next week not in 2 days time it needs solved today i don't care if you have to put the servers offline for 9 hours to sort it at least that way when i try to log in after i won't be spending 3 hours going from 1 starbase to a zone that should take 2 min.

you have a serious issue here as this didn't happen during beta which means you did something after beta that made it worse.

i've got a lifetime sub so thats why i'm asking you to sort it properly do whats needed to get it working and stable as right now your game is unplayable and i don't really want to log into world of ******** as i'm bored of it.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2 Cryptic, you are useless.
01-30-2010, 10:54 AM
Same as yesterday…
During US rush hour I am still getting “server not responding” + 40k ms.

Cryptic, you are useless.
Non US players just can not play your game , so you are gonna loose this market ASAP.

Oh, we still get no response from you guys regarding this pathetic issue !!

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