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11-04-2013, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
I really don't think they will, because it's fairly in-line with the importance of the Omega Directive: no one has to know about the existence of Omega particles, until such time as they're forced to deal with them.

Since Season 8 hasn't officially happened yet and all players haven't physically come into contact with omega particles, with our own ships, we're not supposed to know about them either

Obviously we know, but our characters don't by all rights
Actually, all Starfleet captains are briefed on the Omega directive by Starfleet Command when they reach the rank of Captain. However it's ONLY the captain that knows. Even the XO doesn't.

Now, whether this applies to battlefield commissions is not certain.

How else would Captain Janeway have known about the Omega directive without contact to Starfleet?

As for the rep:
I'll probably just reach T5 to get the new abilities.

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11-04-2013, 10:30 PM
Okay, this is coming from someone who hasn't tested any of this, but has just read this, and a few other related threads.
Now to me, doubling the mark cost of equipment, that most people seem to say isn't as useful to the various Omega sets, and quite a few mentioned that it's way worse than the Rom sets as well, yet now the cost of these items is roughly equivalent, I have to agree with other posters that said this. I willna bother with getting them, except maybe if I really have a slew of time to kill, and am extremely bored. probably not even then, as I could find far more constructive ways to spend my time, (Borg STF's for dilithium, marks, and BNPs anyone? Lol). If your going to increase these costs, then the usefulness of these items really need to be adjusted upwards. Or better yet, downgrade the costs again. After all, a couple posters have agreed that the Dyson special equipment sets are only about as useful as a couple of the lower end Mk XI sets you can get from story missions, (Breen was specifically mentioned).
Now granted, I'm usually against making things too easy. But hey, if you REALLY want to upgrade the difficulty of the game, then make the AI smarter, to begin. Also make penalties for exploding stiffer, or better yet, make it so if your ship is destroyed, you have to pay an EC cost to get it fixed,, as well as it being down for a certain amount of time, and while it's in the "needing a rebuild" status, make it so you can't just decommision it, and get a new one in it's place. And there's a ton more ways to increase the difficulty of this game, making it far more fun, and "woohoo-worthy when you achieve stuff", then doubling the costs of equipment that a lot of people seem to be agreeing is pretty lame.

Another thing I'd like to see (and I'm pretty sure some, if not a lot of people will boo me for this one, but...) make the xp neede to make a level at least x3 what it is currently, if not around x10. I mean, you spend so little time at those lower levels, that the lower tier ships and equipment doesn't get hardly any use. Maybe an hour or two, 4 at most. And that's not even power-levelling. Some I've heard go from 1 to 50 in about 10 hours. Sure it might make levelling a bit more of a "grind", but hey, when you gain that level, and especially that new tier for ships & equipment, you would really feel like you accomplished something, especially as there is a pretty good variety of stuff you can choose to do, to gain those levels, unlike the marks, which only have like 5-6, maybe 8 at most, ways to get them, so you really end up replaying the same old stuff over & over ad nauseum.
Anyway, just my 2 cents.

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11-04-2013, 10:46 PM
just another rep system I wont bother with. GOOD JOB CRYPTIC. Increase the REDACTED cost and shove it up our REDACTED.

Oh new rep reduced cost less grindy hmmmm promises, promises.

Welcome to STAR GRINDING ONLINE brought to you by the genius developers at cryptic studios.

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11-04-2013, 11:35 PM
Meh, looks fine. Really like the EC increases on ground gear. That might be a game changer.
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11-04-2013, 11:39 PM
R&B called they want their grind back.
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11-04-2013, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Depends. If you log in and don't have a small project in progress, or if it's at least complete, and you have marks stockpiled, you could start a project at login and then another 1 hour later. If you play for 2 hours, you could potentially start three 150 rep XP projects.


Brandon =/\=
True Brandon, but the point is, you still at one point or another have to grind for the extra marks, and the time is still there. You're just shuffling it around a bit.

The other issue is, the space set is now the same price as the other rep systems... at 900 a piece... and yet there's ANOTHER piece to the space set. It's a four piece set, not a three piece, meaning an extra 900 marks you need to get if you want the entire set.

So we're looking at 6600 marks, to get the entire Dyson set (ground, secondary, and space) and we're looking at MORE marks now to accomplish the smaller boost, while at the same time leaving the mark income at a rather lowish (equivalent to the Romulan set give or take).

Basically... when compared to the Romulan set bonus, one token is worth approx what... 20 Romulan marks. It costs 9 Romulan Marks to get 800 rep experience, so the 300 were getting should cost us what...3 Romulan marks equivalent... since the prices are basically the same. Instead we're paying 7 times that cost for equivalent reputation exp, while getting the marks at about the same rate.. and having to pay 900 extra marks in the end for an entire set.

So at the very least we can say that the Dyson reputation system is almost equal to the Romulan space system, and I can still see the argument for it technically being worse since for the set bonus you need 900 extra marks, something that no other rep system gives.

In other words, IMO we don't have any improvement here. We've got a new currency that masks basically, at the least, the status quo. So instead of improving anything, we've got the exact same thing we had before.

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11-05-2013, 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by toshiro157 View Post
So based on the wiki, assuming I am reading it correctly, the other reps need 1526 marks to get from t0 to t5.

For the dyson one we need (assuming 36 days to complete-2800 xp per day) 36*40=1440 marks (based on the 2500 project and 2 150 xp projects)

Since you get 50 for completing the daily mission (unless that has changed) the actual tiers are a bit less grindy assuming daily play and ability to log in twice that day.

On the other hand if you try to make it go faster the mark cost increases the minimum amount of time needed to complete will be 15.2 days and will require 7273 marks (granted this assumes one can play all 24 hours.

Min time to complete: 15.2 days and 7273 marks
Max time to complete: 40 days and 0 marks (only use the 2500 xp project)
Difference from other tiers: uses 86 less marks for the same amount of time

My conclusion is that getting through the tiers is still slightly less grindy than previous tiers, however the item cost still seems over priced to me.
The one thing your forgetting there is they have repeatedly said when faced with low mark reward complaints that the reason that this rep rewards less marks than omega, romulan, or nukara reps is because it requires less marks to progress. Now here we are with it requiring 94% of the marks of the other reps and still rewarding far less. The gear costs just as many marks as the other reps but yet we are still rewarded far less marks.

All of this adds up to make this rep even more grindy that prior reps, especially for those of us with more than one character. This is exactly what we were promised would be address, and had been addressed to most of our satisfaction until this patch.
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11-05-2013, 02:01 AM
They need to make all rep less grind as they add new rep but in total the same grind as they had for Omega alone and at worst Omega and Rom. It is one thing for someone with all older reps completed to have no problems completing the new rep super fast if it is just as much grind as any other but think about a new player just starting and hit 50. 4 reps with so much grind per rep will be a turn off. Future long term players will be turned away when they are new, older long term players will whine and cry about a new rep but at the end of the day they have all the old rep done on atleast 1 character if not many.

A new player trying to grind out 3 rep's on just 1 character alone is a daunting task. 4 and it is a turn off.

The thing I am seeing is cryptic is looking at a tree and ignoring the forest when they add new rep or new fleet holdings. Yeah it is simple to trim that one single tree in decorations but to do the same exact amount of decorations on 2, 3, 4, 5, and more becomes an excersise in futility and frustration. If they are afraid of the old players who did it before and now see the requirements drop when a new holding or rep is added then they could simply say that it will cost those new players just as much as it did you but more spread out. Or just ignore them which seems to be the SOP with Cryptic.
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I don't care about the rep, i never saw the interest in it anyway because it is so grindy. i am not jumping through 500 hoops just to get the items on the other end. so this rep is either much kinder on how to reach the t5 rep or it remains ignored.

as for the season 8 update, quite like the running around trying to control sectors by myself, poses an interesting challenge that so far the game was sorely missing.
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11-05-2013, 03:39 AM
It is not only the grind that is the problem. End game is just too repetitive for many of us who have maxed out characters. More like stock rotation and slider syndrome! Why wont they increase it so that it takes time to rinse and repeat before completion, and so we do not cry there is nothing to do.

I remember the joy of creating my first character when STO was new. It had so much to offer. Then once you have gotten to the end game the most thing now worth looking forward to is the Feature Series and maybe New Season content. I am not entirely impressed by the Jurassic pack and Planetside 2 themes. Just my opinion. I continue to pace myself on the content and never even pay heed to the sequenced time slot events. My enjoyment on my own time, with friends and fleet mates. Romulan and Nukara Reputation are still in thier T4 and T3 respectively on my main character, the most played one.

On the other hand, I suggest people try not to breeze through the content because the more you do, the more angry you may become at the grind. If you cannot find anything to do alone or with fleet mates and friends (which is much better) while you wait for the new season, then just take a break. You might even treat STO as a TV series, at the end of the series, you just have to patiently wait for the time when the new series will begin.
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