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# 1 going down....
01-30-2010, 11:14 AM
I can see where this is going to…

Launch day, lots of people are going to try the game – US and non US.
Most of the non US are gonna have tons of bugs, glitches , and of course “Server not responding”.
The forums are going to get burned with endless flame threads about our precious Cryptic.

What are they thinking ? ignoring non US customers is going to resolve stability issues ??

I am writing this for Cryptic employees…push your bosses , otherwise you are going to be left with no jobs.

STO is gonna fail , even before takeoff , if you are not going to fix this pathetic stability issue !!

Like I said numerous times before, take your money out of your pockets , and get some new hardware.
OR , you are going to get a score of 6.0 from most of the leading reviewers (see **** for reference).

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