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All mmo's seem to suffer this. In conan it starts with all voice overs and it's very involving, then you just get pop up text and pics of npc's.

Here there is just some at the start and that's about it. Maybe more is planned, but I have not heard.

For someone like me and possibly others, there is great value to making it more of a story like experience. I actually would stay subscribed to various mmo's if they were more this way. Perhaps charge a little more for add ons and make them full blown acted.

A lot agree just the spock narratives to set the stage are pretty impressive. Now you're not going to get Leonard Nimoy to do these cheap enough to have them all over every mission. But I have to believe that here are some good voice actors that could be used, maybe even they cryptic devs want a second career, Acting! (said in the voice of jon lovitz)
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01-30-2010, 11:05 AM
It's nice but it's an incredibly expensive undertaking (not to mention the GIGS of data that you'd have to download). The only game I that I can think of that tried total voice over was EQ2 and even Sony seemed to give up on it.
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01-30-2010, 11:37 AM
I don't think it would be that expensive and not gigs! Compressed audio is pretty compact. eq2 still does have quite a bit of it, but never had been close to having it everywhere.

What they have are repeated greetings etc, which actually might be a nice addition to trek instead of just text.

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