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01-30-2010, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by DavidBranagh
I never planned on using my Borg character untill I start my science captain anyway, so it didnt affect me.

It does seem odd that so many Borg have been liberated by starfleet
And on the Feb 2nd the majority of the trill species will all have symbiotes.
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01-30-2010, 01:42 PM
I'm a lifer also, and I was pretty friggen annoyed about not having my borg at the start. But mostly I was annoyed by the lack of communication and the just plain wrong communication. Stating the issue was fixed, on the forums and in game, when it plainly wasn't.

It's also indicative of the state of things when they can't get something as simple as an account flag correct. However, that being said, I just spent the time leveling up a throw-away toon to 6 so I could make my klingon, once I was done with that, my borg was fixed. I would have rather done those 6 levels on my borg, but so I do em again, not like we haven't all done 1-10 numerous times.
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I rebuilt my human captain the same as the one I played in Beta, so the Borg problem wasn't much of an issue to me at all. I can understand the frustration as those of us who played in Beta are looking to try out a new angle to the game's early areas. At any regard I don't believe any of the guys I am teaming with were bent out of shape about the borg issue. We just started building... after all its more gear we can pile into the fleet anyway. All in all, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Since early open started I've tried quite a few new things I didn't try during Beta.

This does bring up a good point however, for the altaholic in me, I'm curious what exactly is the maximum number of characters we can have, and whether the CS will be selling slots or will they be unlockable. Will it be like City of Heroes where time played also piles into this? Just curious.

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