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Hello I am Static AKA Jack Or T'Mar in-game. I have been on STO for about 3 years now being active from the start. I was looking at different eqiptment and have recently started getting gear from the C-Store which I love.

So I am going to tell you what gear I am saving up for. And I would like your opinions on the gear.

Firstly, I belive that level with you gear is my favoret, why well it is becasue I use it on my lower ranked charecter T'Mar with my away team and my self with level with me gear. this makes my team stronger.

I was wanting to do the same for my ship what do you think?
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11-07-2013, 04:35 AM
Level with you gear is pretty good for ships, I tend to just have them there whilst i save up for fleet weapons and stuff.

(assuming you are fed here)

The only level-up-with-you space gear that i know of you can get from the Constitution Class (The Original Series one - 500z) - These are blue phasers that make a unique sound. These fit well for most ships, However if you play tactical....

Get the Tactical Escort Refit (Sao Paulo - 1500z) - It comes with Quad Phaser cannons, Which are unique in the regard that they have a different visual effect to normal dual cannons (4 bolts instead of 2) and they draw from engine power, Rather than weapon power.

I'm afraid i don't know any other level up gear for the other two factions, although should you play a fed-aligned romulan you would be able claim both of those ships to get their respective gear.

Out of interest what career are you and what ship do you fly?
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just shut up

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